Why Do Dogs Follow You In The Bathroom?

Having a loving and loyal pooch in your household is certainly satisfying. If you own a companionable dog breed, it won’t be surprising to see her following you all over, including the bathroom. But why do dogs follow you in the bathroom? It is a culmination of several reasons, and this guide seeks to clarify that and how dogs express their emotions in different ways. Read on!

Why Dogs Follow You In the Bathroom

Do you ever wonder why your dog often follows you to the bathroom? Here are some surprising reasons why:

1: Dogs Are Curious Creatures

Dogs don’t like it when something happens in their environment that they aren’t part of or aware of. This is partly triggered by their orientation as park animals, but it’s sometimes just out of curiosity.

Life can be a bit boring for a dog that stays at home most of the time, so they will try to take part in any activity going on around them, including a trip to the bathroom.

2: Dogs Are Pack Animals

Dogs naturally live in packs, so they feel lonely and a bit vulnerable when left alone. If you are in the house, your pup will want to be with you. It goes without saying they’ll follow you around the house, in the kitchen, the bedroom, and even the bathroom.

3:  Dogs Don’t Comprehend “Alone Time”

Again, it has to do with the “pack” thing. Dogs enjoy doing things with others in their pack; eating, hunting, playing, and patrolling. So, they don’t really have any idea of what alone time is or why you would even need some.

She thinks she’s keeping you company while you’re in the bathroom, and she wants to stay close in case you need her help while you’re in there.

4: Your Pup is Simply Guarding You

Sometimes, your dog can develop guarding tendencies and follow you to the bathroom to make sure you’re safe in there. She thinks that you could have a hard time dealing with an intruder while you’re occupied with stuff in there, so she selflessly steps in to be your bodyguard.

Dog waiting for his owner

5: Your Dog Just Loves to be with You

Some dogs just adore their human parents and want to be around them all the time…yes, even in the bathroom. Considering how chaotic the house can be on a general basis, creeping into the bathroom with you might just provide some quiet downtime for the two of you!

6: Dogs Love Smells

For dogs, the more to smell, the better! Of course, your bathroom carries a lot of smell that your dog can indulge in when she’s in there with you. These may include soaps, perfumes, cleaning products, shaving cream, and even dirty towels or stuff in the small garbage bin. The bathroom is typically a sniffer’s dream!

7: Creating an Emotional Connection

If your fluffy friend follows you into the bathroom and simply sits and stares at you while you do your business, he could be yearning to create an emotional connection with you using his eyes.

8: Your Dog May Be Suffering from Separation Anxiety

 Although a dog following you to the bathroom is often a normal behavior triggered by their natural instincts as pack animals, if the desire to be with you all the time becomes excessive, watch out for separation anxiety.

Consult your vet if your pup’s desire to be with you prompts stressful or erratic behaviors, such as getting extremely upset if you shut her out of the bathroom. These are often signs of separation anxiety.

9: Your Dog Is Simply Making Himself Useful

Maybe your pup knows you could need a little support as you do your business. She may try to lean against your legs or even fill-in for your faulty tissue paper holder. Either way, your pooch could be simply trying to help.

10: Positive Reinforcement

Your dog following you to the bathroom could also be linked to positive reinforcement. If, for example, every time you are with your pooch, she gets affection or treats, she will likely follow you around more often, even into the bathroom.

A puppy playing with the owner

Do dogs pick a favorite person?

Yes, dogs can choose a favorite person in a household who matches their energy levels and personality. Moreover, some dog breeds will more likely bond with a single person, meaning that their favorite person will be their only human friend. Basenji is a good example of breeds that often bond strongly with one person.

Why does my dog follow me and not my husband?

Dogs often feel insecure when you introduce a new family member into their life. They might feel like the new member will harm them or take their place in your life. The dog will struggle with the divided attention until he gains some level of trust in your partner. But before that happens, he will continue following you around.

How to Stop Your Dog From Following You the Bathroom

If you’d wish to stop your dog from following you into the bathroom, try giving him something to keep him engaged while you’re in there. A puzzle toy like the Nina Ottosson Interactive Dog Toys stuffed with healthy treats can keep your dog occupied as he will have to work a bit to release the treats.

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