What Is The Range On A Wireless Dog Fence?

Are you tired of setting up a physical fence to protect your dog from danger or prevent them from getting lost in the neighborhoods without your knowledge? Don’t worry! With a wireless dog fence, you can forget all your problems! But what is a wireless dog fence? Do they function as intended, and what is the range on a wireless dog fence?

A wireless dog fence is a system used for pet containment. And unlike in-ground wired dog fences, wireless dog fences require no wire set up to function. Instead, they only require a receiver and a transmitter that utilize radio signals to contain your dog within a customized safe zone. 

But before you go out looking to buy one, what’s the essential information you need to know? Well, read through this article to get informed about the vital features to look for, such as the coverage range. 

What Range Can A Wireless Dog Fence Cover?

Dogs love to create strong bonds with their owners and other pets at home to fulfill their nature as guardians, working dogs, and companions. Therefore, dogs should get permission to access every part of their home.

A wireless dog fence employs the innovative technology of transmitters to produce a frequency-controlled boundary that wraps around your property. They are simple to use and program. After plugging in the radio transmitter, you may modify the area to suit your property. 

Wireless dog fences are ideal if you’ve got a generally square-shaped property because these systems generate dome-shaped circular perimeters. They let your dog hop around your yard freely but within a limited zone of restriction. If you own a long, slender yard, you’ll discover that wireless dog fences confine your pup to a specific radius. 

Wireless dog fences feature different circumferences, and the range of coverage varies from half an acre to several acres. So, what’s the maximum range that a wireless dog fence can cover? Well, wireless dog fences utilizing GPS-based systems can cover a range of up to 496 acres. 

GPS-based wireless fences don’t employ transmitters. They don’t face interference problems. On the other hand, wireless radio transmitter-based dog fences can cover approximately 1,000 feet. Overall, a wireless dog fence creates a “safety area” for your dog to stay within, and in case your dog goes beyond the “safe area,” the receiver collar warns the dog to return to its safe area. 

What Features Make Wireless Dog Fence Work for Large Acreage?

Below are some features that make wireless do fences suited for large acreage:

1. Variable Static Shock Levels

The best wireless dog fences come with adjustable shock levels to help keep your dog within the preferred safe zone. The good news is that the correction levels aren’t hazardous to your dog. Instead, your dog gets to identify and relate to the potential warning when they try to move out of the safe zone. Adjustable correction levels are incredibly essential.

Sensitive dogs detect low correction levels, and they’re aware that the shock is due to the position where they stand; that’s a point too near the edge of the invisible fence. On the other hand, high-energy canines require a more potent jolt to realize they’ve made mistakes.

This electrical shock setting is typically featured as a tiny dial on the dog’s collar. However, we recommend that you set the correction level to the lowest level to allow maximum enjoyment for your dog.

Physical dog fence
Physical dog fence

2. Handheld Remote Control

An excellent working wireless dog fence should feature a well-functioning handheld remote. It adds up extra flexibility to your collar. A handheld remote aid dog training session as it allows you to set the desired coverage range. Also, it helps reduce your dog’s unwanted behavior within the safe zone. 

If your pup loves jumping a lot, a handheld remote allows you to transmit a shock to your dog’s collar when they begin jumping on your guests. Likewise, if you’ve got an area where you don’t want your dog to get close, for instance, a pool, the software control allows you to send a correction message to the dog’s collar for a warning.

3. Feedback Modes

Do you have a stubborn dog and face difficulty while training sometimes? If yes, then worry less. High-quality wireless dog fences feature collars with various feedback modes to help control your dog. The majority of the best dog collars feature static, vibration, and beep modes. However, the collar receiver should work excellently to avoid harming the dog with unnecessary shocks.

4. Weatherproof Capability

Do you reside in a swampy area? Or do you love taking nature strolls in the muddy forested areas or mountain areas with your dog? Water or excessive moisture shouldn’t worry you or prevent you from buying a wireless dog fence for your pup. An excellent wireless dog fence features a water-resistant collar and receiver. So, you don’t have to worry about the receiver getting into contact with water, moisture, or mud. You can enjoy hunting with your dog anywhere and during any weather condition!

5. Durable Battery Lifespan

The transmitter and the handheld remote control of a wireless dog fence require a power supply. The battery serves as the primary power source in a wireless dog fence. Therefore, the battery lifespan determines the failure or success of a wireless dog fence. If the wireless collar’s battery dies unexpectedly, it will not increase your expenses but might also jeopardize your dog’s life as they may escape the customized range. 

The primary function of a wireless dog fence is to ensure your dog’s safety. So, the best wireless dog fences feature a built-in battery with a long lifespan, which takes long before replacement.

6. Multiple Pet Use

Most people have more than one dog or have several pets in their homes. Even if you own one pet, you could want to add new pets to your home in the coming days. Thus, current manufacturers of wireless dog fences are producing transmitters that can support multiple proximity shock collars. So, if you’re looking for the best wireless dog fence, look at whether it has this feature. It’s essential!

7. Portable and Simple to Use

Finally, the best quality wireless dog fence is highly portable and simple to use. This feature lets you quickly set up and disassemble the wireless fence whenever required. Furthermore, a portable wireless dog fence is lightweight. Your dog shouldn’t feel excessive weight once the collar is fitted around his neck.

Final Verdict

If you’ve managed to read through this article, we hope you now know where to start. But luckily for you, here is our review and guide for the best wireless dog fence available on the market. We hope it helps you get the right one for the job.

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