Best Toys For Dogs That Like To Rip Things

If you’re like many dog parents, you’ve probably had your best outfit ripped by your dog at some point. Fortunately, you can curb this unpleasant behavior by investing in toys for dogs that like to rip things apart. Dogs love playing around with items, but most of the time, they end up shredding them mercilessly. You don’t want your dog to grow with such bad behavior. In this guide, we review the best toys for dogs that like to shred things. All you have to do is pick a suitable toy that suits your dog’s unique personality.

BrandProduct NameEditor's PickPriceRating
EAST BLUE Dog Rope Toy-3 Feet 5 Knots Indestructible Dog Chew ToyBest Overall$$4.4
Dog Puzzle Teething Nontoxic Durable IQ ToyBest Runner Up$4.3
GoDog Gators Squeaker Dog ToyBest Interactive$$4.3
Outward Hound Invisibles Dog Toy-Stuffingless Squeaky Plush Dog ToyBest Budget$4.1
Goughnuts Virtually Indestructible Dog Pull ToyBest Chew Toy$$$4.6

Who Needs Toys for Dogs That Like to Rip Things?

Toys are beneficial for your dog in several ways. If your dog is bored or frustrated at all times, consider buying toys for them. Chewing is a natural instinctive behavior for dogs and helps relieve boredom in your pup. When pups chew, endorphin is secreted into their brain, calming and giving them an excellent feeling.

Additionally, pet toys can help reduce your dog’s anxiety and improve mental stability. Buying toys for your pup to play with is an excellent step in building their mental stability. But if your pup is notorious for shredding things, you can’t just invest in any toy out there. Be sure the toy is specially designed to withstand the sharp canines of your pooch.

5 Best Toys for Dogs That Like to Rip Things

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#1. Best Overall: EAST BLUE Dog Rope Toy-3 Feet 5 Knots Indestructible Dog Chew Toy

This woven toy is crafted of tight, brightly colored natural washable fabric ropes, and it is ideal for tugging, shaking, and chewing. It is created for large pups tat like to rip things apart. The EAST BLUE Dog Rope Toy-3 Feet 5 Knots Indestructible Dog Chew Toy only weighs 750 grams and is almost indestructible. 

This rope toy is more substantial and long-lasting and serves as a better toy to lower your dog’s stress. Its thickness help in cleaning your dog’s teeth hence improving its oral health while playing. Your dog’s mental and physical fitness is ensured as your dog would spend most of its time chewing and playing with the rope. Also, this toy will allow you to play engaging games with your dog and significantly enhance the excellent relationship between you and your dog.

Outstanding Features

  • Made of regular cloth material
  • Created for big dogs
  • Great fun that helps reduce anxiety
  • Sturdy material
  • Ideal for aggressive bitters
  • It is almost indestructible
  • Can withstand rough games
  • It helps to lower stress and anxiety
  • It improves the physical fitness of your dog
  • It is durable
  • Some dogs may find it challenging to play with for a long time.

#2. Best Runner-Up: Dog Puzzle Teething Nontoxic Durable IQ Toy

This toy is designed to clean your dog’s teeth and prevent tartar from building up. Its non-toxic rubber material gives the toy an elegant look. Additionally, the Dog Puzzle Teething Nontoxic Durable IQ Toy offers better IQ training to your dog.

This toy ensures that your dog remains physically and mentally fit at all times, and it has proven to be very interactive. Its several interactive games foster intimacy and trust between you and your dog. Besides, the dog puzzle toy has a unique design that enables you to pack it with your dog’s snacks. The unique design intends to make your dog readily accept this puzzle toy. Your dog will get surprised and enjoy playing while eating snacks.

Outstanding Features

  • It’s large enough with dimensions of 2.8 × 2.8 × 2.8 inches
  • Made up of a rubber material that is less toxic to your dog
  • It has an average weight of 5.3 ounces
  • Has light and mint-flavored scent
  • Outstanding IQ toy
  • It dramatically improves the mental and physical fitness of your dog
  • Its rubber material is friendly to your dog
  • Can withstand tough games
  • Very interactive toy
  • Durable
  • Some customers complain about the mint scent.

#3. Best Interactive: GoDog Gators Squeaker Dog Toy

GoDog Gators Squeaker Dog Toy is made with shred protection technology and withstands rough play. The padding is kept to a minimum to ensure optimum floppy fun. It is a super cute stuffed toy that incorporates two iconic playtime favorite tracks.

This long-lasting dog toy comes with a built squeaker to charm and arouses your pup, as well as dual-stitched grooves to make sure that your pup’s toy can last through several chase gameplays. GoDog Gators Squeaker Dog Toy is excellent and has a fun, patterned, bubble luxurious body. It is designed for an extended period of engaging and solo game time pleasure. It’s also comfortable, soft, and ideal for curling up.

Outstanding Features

  • Soft but long-lasting plush
  • It comes with a built-in squeaker
  • Made of chew protection technology
  • Tougher than regular toys
  • Its dimensions are 14.9×4×2 inches 
  • It is ideal for curling up
  • It is long-lasting
  • Provides longer time of engagement
  • It can withstand rough play
  • Offers a lot of comfort to your dog
  • Reduced stuffing makes the gameplay floppy fun
  • Some of the buyers find it slightly expensive.

#4. Best Budget: Outward Hound Invisibles Dog Toy-Stuffingless Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

The Outward Hound Invisible Dog Toy was created precisely for pups who enjoy rough stuff. With its stunning cuddly and adorable exterior, it has a distinctive Dura-Tuff lining on the inner side and dual-layered exterior folds to keep it durable for your dog. The stuff-less design also minimizes mess. 

The 6 × 4.5 × 2.5 inches dimensions are designed for your pup to sink her teeth into the toy with ease. The Outward Hound Invisible Dog Toy has several squeakers for tug and throw fun cycles! It’s ideal for introducing engaging playtime to growing dogs. This toy has several ways to play with and gives your dog maximum entrainment for a more extended period.

Outstanding Features

  • Its invisible perception makes it look elegant and attractive
  • Ideal for all breeds of dogs
  • It’s a perfect size with convenient dimensions  
  • It has Dual seams and a Dual lining
  • Ideal for growing bitters
  • It has several play options that make your dog active for a more extended period.
  • It provides interactive playtime for your dog
  • Durable
  • No mess
  • Stuff-free
  • Appropriate size
  • Fun
  • Some of the buyers find it to be delicate.

#5. Best Chew Toy: Goughnuts Virtually Indestructible Dog Pull Toy

The doughnuts Tug Dog Pull Toy was developed to overcome the fundamental but severe safety problem. It has dimensions of 9 × 5 × 1.4 inches and has an average weight of 30 to 70 pounds. It is made of incredibly durable plastic and has enough space for your hands to remain safe from getting bitten by your dog. 

GoghNuts Tug Dog Pull Toy is pretty close to indestructible. It is created to offer a long interactive game time for your dog. Goughnuts sticks and rings are great for unmonitored power chewing. It also comes with a lifespan assurance, and in case your dog punctures or damage it, you can get a replacement.

Outstanding Features

  • It is suitable for large pups
  • Available in large size
  • Safe playtime
  • It is pretty close indestructible
  • Strong and durable
  • Its large size ensures you get maximum protection when you play with your dog.
  • It gives a more extended playtime for your dog
  • Provides interactive playtime for your dog
  • It has a life insurance
  • Available in various colors
  • Can withstand rough play games
  • Some buyers find it to be slightly delicate for powerful dogs.

Buying Guide for Best Toys for Dogs That Like to Rip Things

Each dog has a distinct set of preferences and characters. That’s why personal views on the best toys for dogs that like to rip things differ. It’s always challenging to pick a suitable toy for your dog, and that is part of the fun. 

Without a doubt, bonding with your pet is a huge perk! With several options available on the market, all you have to do is pick the best desirable toys for dogs that like to shred things. This guide intends to inform you of the various factors to consider before making your best decision. Hopefully, it will be a solution to your biggest problem.

But first, let’s see some distinguishing features of toys for chewers.

Difference Between Standard Dog Toys Vs. Toys for Dogs That Like to Rip Things

If you want to get more empirical about it, research was conducted on why pups preferred certain toys over classic toys a few years ago. Scientists from Germany’s University of Giessen and England’s University of Lincoln researched Labrador retrievers known for their love for play. The findings may assist you in selecting the best toy for a dog that likes to shred things.

According to scientists, dogs adore toys that wolves perceive as their prey. Dogs enjoy toys that make noise, have some food scent, and can get disassembled. Standards toys may lack these critical features. Also, regular toys can end up breaking into fine pieces, exposing your dog to harm. Your pup might end up swallowing such pieces and suffer health consequences. 

Most of the materials that make regular toys consist of polyester plastics, which might be harmful to your dog and must be avoided. Standard dog toys are also complicated and quiet. If your pup can’t make the toy produce a charming noise as he chews on it, what fun does it experience? Dogs that like to shred things will hardly pick classic toys since they don’t pique their interest. 

According to the Labrador retriever research findings, dogs are always interested in every new toy. However, their interest faded over a short period as they became accustomed to the new toys. It is proof that finding the best choice could be such a long journey. Therefore, it’s essential to learn the various factors to consider before choosing a suitable toy for your dog.

How Can You Pick the Right Toy for Shredders?

A good toy brings a lot of fun to both the dog and his parents. You are lucky that we have listed the various best choices to pick from. Dogs are classified into various categories and exhibit different shredding behaviors. Thus, every dog loves particular toys. Instead of allowing your pup to try different toys on the shelf, here are a few pointers for selecting the right toys:

Does Your Pup Love to Chew Things?

If your dog loves gnawing on stuff, hard chew toys that offer oral dental health should keep him occupied. Pick a hard dog toy that doesn’t break into fine pieces. Apart from just entertaining your dog, chew toys are also important in training your dog about what to chew and what not to chew. 

Does Your Pup Enjoy Cuddling and Carrying Things in His Mouth? 

A smooth, squashy dog toy manufactured of plush or flee will appeal to your dog if it has an inbuilt squeaker. Like small kids, a puppy may develop a special bond with a squaky toy. In fact, the dog can end up spending a lot of time and even sleeping together with his toy.

Is Your Dog Particularly Sensitive to Rewards and Treats?

Try buying your dog toys that give special treats to your dog while she plays, such as the Dog Puzzle Teething Nontoxic Durable IQ Toy. Apart from entertaining your dog, the toy has a unique design that enables you to pack it with your dog’s favorite snacks. Moreover, the toy challenges your dog to find the snacks, improving your pup’s health through mental IQ stimulation.

If your pup loves chasing objects, try choosing dog toys that appear attractive to your dog. Just ensure the toy is light enough to carry around. A toy that has an inbuilt squeaker is much advisable. Also, it is crucial to choose soft toys of different colors that allow your pup to sink his teeth through.

Factors to Consider When Buying Toys for Dogs That Like to Rip Things

Here are a few factors to consider when shopping for a dog that likes to shred things:

1. Size

A dog toy ought to be appropriate for your pup’s current size. Balls, for example, ought to be large enough but not too small to carry. If you buy a small toy, your pet will likely swallow it. Also, small toys can get trapped in your puppy’s throat or mouth, which can lead to health complications or even sudden death. Remove any eyes, strings, ribbons, and any other part of the toy that your dog could chew or ingest.

2. Cleaning 

Dog toys that are simple to clean are highly recommended. Hygiene is critical to both your family members and your dog. Textile manufactured toys are simple to clean, but you need to machine-wash them regularly.

Current manufacturers are developing toys with pockets where squeakers are installed, and you can remove the squeaker when washing the toy. This design helps to extend the life span of the squeaker. These dog toys may be slightly more expensive than others, but they are unquestionably a perfect investment.

3. Comfort

Smooth plush toys are helpful for various motives, but they are not suitable for all pups. Dogs tend to be comfortable with a toy, depending on its behavior. Small but appropriately sized balls suit their comfortability for pups who love chasing things and moving around.

For pups who love rewards, the toy should incorporate rewards for the dog during playtime. Pups who love chewing should be bought toy ropes. Lastly, if your pup loves curdling, an attractive plush toy is suitable for your dog.

4. Your Dog’s Energy Level

No dog has limitless energy reserves. Let your pup’s wild side run wild for a while. If your dog isn’t the quietest, invest in appropriate toys to keep them occupied. If your dog consumes a lot of energy during his daily activities, then a brutal latex pup toy is the most ideal to buy.

These toys come in several sizes and shapes. They are enjoyable to chew on and carry around. Rope toys could also help dogs who love tug-of-war. Balls make excellent fetch toys, but take note of those that your pet could swallow.

5. Level of Engagement

A good dog toy should offer optimum interactive playtime for your dog. Your pup requires “active time,” and interactive play is essential. Highly interactive toys can expand your dog’s physical and mental health in a controlled manner. Consider toys that involve active movement while playing, such as fetch games, as they help release stress for your dog.

How do you get dogs to stop ripping up toys?

It can be frustrating when you keep spending money on toys only for your dog to destroy. It does not matter how happy your dog is — buying toys that won’t last a day is not cost-effective. Fortunately, dogs are brilliant, and you can teach them to enjoy their toys and not destroy them. Besides investing in non-destructible toys, here are some suggestions for teaching your dog to avoid destroying their toys.

1. Teach them how to interact with a toy and play with it.

Engage your dog in some kind of game with the toy. Play with your dog by bringing along a toy you will use to play fetch or hide and seek. You can also drag the toy along the floor to cause your dog to find and pounce on it. If your dog enjoys playing with a toy you give him, they will start understanding what the toy is for.

When you teach your dog that chewing on a toy is not part of the game, make sure you put it away when you are finished playing with it. When they know what a toy is for, they will want to enjoy playing with it and not destroy it. Until your dog understands this is not good behavior, don’t let them try hard to destroy a toy.

2. Introduce fleece toys during tired times

Many dogs love to snuggle in with soft, cuddly fleece toys. But fleece toys are easy to chew up into tiny pieces if you give them to them. That is why dogs are taught to cuddle with soft toys and not to eat them. When a dog is especially tired after long play times or an extended hike, give him a soft, cuddly fleece toy to play with because he will cherish that toy like he loves a teddy bear. If they start to chew on something, take it away from them, but give them a toy they can keep as long as they behave very tenderly toward it.

3. Offer them different kinds of chew toys.

Being able to give your dog toys that are similar to his own can cause him to stop destructively chewing toys. If they are interested in one toy, offer them a second one. When they decide that they are interested in that toy, offer them a third toy. When they choose the third toy, allow them to do with it what they want. Using this strategy can prevent many dogs from trying to destroy the toys. It may be that they become more attached to the toys when they chew them.

4. Take away toys if they are not being used.

Do not give your dog a chance to ruin their day by chewing up a misplaced toy. Give the toy to the dog if he wants to chew it. If he chews it, take it away. Give them the toy right away and encourage them to try again to treat the toy gently. If they are very careful about what they do with a toy, let them keep it and encourage them to do things like giving it praise. You should be vigilant and supervise your dog closely, ensuring that if they start to destroy the toy, you are prepared to take it away.

You are teaching your pup that destructively chewing on a toy causes it to disappear. If your dog keeps trying to destroy the toy three times, keep it away for the rest of the day. Some pets learn to be calm in just three repetitions. Others require multiple days to stop chewing on toys designed to entertain them.

3. Offer your dog chew toys to help him become comfortable.

Dogs need to chew, and some dogs require more chewing than others. Dogs are naturally inclined to chew on things, but they should be given appropriate toys. You should always check with your veterinarian about what kinds of toys are safe for your dog to use. Some dogs love to chew on real bones, cow hooves, pig ears, and even splinters in their bones. But some dogs are very afraid of sharp objects and fall into them.

4. Teach them to enjoy toys, not destroy them.

Some people spend a lot of money on toys that their dogs destroy immediately, and others have stopped giving their pets toys because their dogs eat them up in less than 5 minutes! If your dog is always trying to destroy toys, you can prevent them from ever doing that by teaching them to enjoy their toys.


What measures should I take if my dog ingests a toy?

Quickly reach the nearest vet clinic where your pup can be induced to vomit the toy. Depending on the nature of the toy and where it’s dislodged, your vet may suggest holding on for it to come through the digestive system or retrieving it through surgery.

How can you be sure of your pup’s safety?

Always ensure your dog toy is “dog-proof.” To do this, remove any strings, eye parts, or ribbons that could get chewed on or ingested by your dog.

Is it relevant to allow your kids to play with dogs?

Remember that dogs are not toys for your kids; they can harm them if left unsupervised. However, you can train your kids about safe play with dogs.

Wrap Up

Dogs are great pets to raise at home and provide good company for the entire family. However, dogs need to be physically and mentally strong. That is why you need to get a good toy for your dog to provide fun and help correct behavioral problems.

If you want to buy toys for dogs that like to rip things, consider the GoDog Gators Squeaker Dog Toy. It has a chew protection technology, is long-lasting, and offers optimum floppy fun for your dog. But if this option doesn’t suit your pup, you can opt for any of the four options based on your dog’s unique personality.

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