Inspiring German Shepherd Names In Movies

Are you in love with your awesome dog pet? Then why not consider naming your best friend after a dog that has had a lead role in the Hollywood movie industry? Herein, we will give you inspiring German Shepherd names in movies and their roles in these award-winning movies.

1. Inspector Rex

Inspector Rex is one of the most thrilling TV series of 1994-2004. It featured a German Shepherd dog named Rex, who was a sniffer dog. The guard dog played a lead role working together with an ex-cop solving crimes in Vienna, Austria. If your dog is a hero to you, Rex is the name to go for.

2. Buddy

Sally, starring in ‘The Christmas Shepherd,’ is a widow left with just ‘Buddy.’ In a fierce thunderstorm, the dog runs away and is found by a veteran trucker, Mark, later becoming lovers with Sally. You should consider ‘Buddy’ as a name for your barking friend as a uniting figure in your family.

3. Wolfie

Wolfie took a role in the Terminator of 1984, where he notices the ‘terminator’ in sight and starts to bark at him. Generally, Wolfie is a cute name for your vigilant male dog.

4. Scoot

In the 2016 movie ‘Scoot And Kasssie’s Christmas Adventure,’ Kassie bumps into a wounded German Shepherd dog and gives him the name Scoot. During a charity event organized by her and her friends, two guys attempt to rob them of the money, and luckily Scoot didn’t let their plans succeed. Scoot is a great name for your hero furry friend.

Charging GSD
Charging GSD

5. Rin Tin Tin

Rin Tin Tin was the most popularized dog of the 1920s. Starring in over 27 films in total, Rin Tin Tin was widely celebrated for his unique acting capabilities and talent that became a huge sensation. He also increased the popularity of a German Shepherd dog as a pet. Is your dog playful and talented? Go for this name.

6. Ace

Popularly known as ‘ace the wonder dog,’ this GSD starred in several films from 1938 to1946. He first appeared in RKO Pictures and later worked with Republic Pictures and peaked in the Columbia Pictures, taking a lead role in the ‘The Phantom’ of 1943. Ace is a beautiful name, preferably for your male canine friend.

7. Bob

In the 2007 ‘Shooter,’ Swagger is falsely framed for an attempted assassination of the president. Bob is the only Swagger’s friend after retiring from the US marine corp. 

8. Delgado

In the 2008 Mexican-American film ‘Beverly Hills Chihuahua,’ a Chihuahua is kidnapped and sent to go participate in dog fights. A German Shepherd dog named Delgado helps the dog escape the dog fights. 

9. Rusty

Rusty is a friend to Danny in a role played out in the 1947 ‘For the Love of Rusty’ drama film. He rescues Danny and the veterinarian doctor, who were at risk of being unconscious after a gas leak. Overall, Rusty is a rescuer and thus suits your guard dog.

Overall, you shouldn’t pressure yourself when choosing the right German shepherd names in movies. Choose a name that your dog seems to respond to quickly and not so common name that your dog may confuse with other cue words or signals. If you have a good suggestion, you can share it in the comment section below.

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