How To Convince Your Parents To Get A Dog After They Said No

Almost everyone experienced this as kids, and we often got a negative response at first, which can be hard to accept. Whenever children suggest acquiring a dog, their parents will probably think of the extra waste and poo they have to clean up, extra expenses on dog food, household and furniture damage, and additional grooming and training work. If you’re in the same situation, we share valuable tips on how to convince your parents to get a dog after they said no. One of the best ways is to discuss their concerns with them and emphasize the advantages of getting a family dog. 

Having a dog means additional responsibilities, and convincing your parents that you’re sensible enough to take care of the additional family member might be challenging. In this guide, you’ll find more convincing methods of persuading them to get a dog. 

1. Research and Learn About Dogs 

Begin with researching and learning about dogs. Find out the most suitable dogs for you and your home. There are over 400 different dog breeds you can choose from, with different shapes, sizes, characteristics, and breeding purposes. 

Large dog breeds like the German Shepherd can be suitable if your house has enough space and you can spend lots of time with them. They require lots of training and exercise. 

You can also consider small breeds that can fit in small houses. They require less of your time and less training and exercise. Hence, it would help if you researched properly to know which dog will be ideal for your home. 

Here are some major factors to consider when choosing a dog:

  • Can you name and manage the dog? 
  • Is it affordable enough for your parents? 
  • How much will its maintenance cost? 
  • What’s the dog’s space requirement in your home? 
  • Do you have ample time to exercise the dog and take it out if it’s very active? 

2. Tell Them that Dogs Can Secure Your Home 

For centuries, dogs have been used to guard livestock and property. Canines are great at protecting their pack and will do almost anything to ensure the safety of animals and people they consider as members of their pack. Let your parents know that a dog can learn who’s welcome and who’s not to your home with careful and proper training. 

Tell them how dogs aren’t just loyal, lifetime companions but can also protect. When your parents travel on vacation or for work, they can be assured their protective, faithful family dog will help guarantee the safety of their property and family.

3. Save Some Money

You need to save money if you think your parents might not be able to afford the dog. Reduce your extra costs to save a substantial amount of money. It might take a long while for your parents to get convinced, so be ready for it. In their hearts, parents wish to satisfy their children completely, so don’t lose hope. 

If you’re old enough to work, you can get a part-time job to speed up your savings for the dog. That way, you’ll prevent your parents from worrying about the dog’s acquisition cost. 

Your parents are working hard to make money and invest it in you and other family members’ future. So don’t be disappointed if they can’t afford the money to buy a dog. You can save some money and help them reconsider their decision.

4. Show Your Parents Responsibility and Capability 

Now’s the time to take more responsibilities. Get more involved in house chores and quit messing around your room and house. 

Begin with your room. When you wake up each morning, tidy up and clean your room. Ensure that when your mother enters your room, she immediately sees a more responsible child. Wash your clothes and clean the house every week. 

These little acts will make your parents glad. They’ll appreciate your dedication and might get convinced to get you a dog sooner than you expected. Parents have a large heart and love their kids. And your patience and commitment to the home can help convince them faster. 

5. If You Already Have a Pet, Show Them Extra Care

Start taking proper care of your pet and give them extra attention. Clean them, groom them, feed them on time, and clean their mess if necessary. These caring acts will show your parents that you’re becoming more responsible. 

They might need to see that you can really take care of your pet before buying a dog. 

6. Draw a Budget Plan for the Dog

Draw a money management plan for the dog. Make inquiries on the cost of a dog and the amount needed to feed him monthly. You have to also consider the vet bills in case the dog falls sick. 

Study every cost and plan how much you’ll need to maintain the dog monthly. Then try to discuss with your parents to know if they can afford the budget and how you can manage it. Helping them with your savings can make things easier. 

7. Explain to Them How You’ll Train the Dog to Be an Excellent Family Companion

Dog training is vital for having an obedient dog. Ensure to learn how to train a dog. The most important aspect of dog training will be socialization and house training. 

Your parents might be concerned about the dog’s behavior inside the house. Explaining how you’ll handle it can bring relief to your parents and the encouragement they need to acquire the dog. 

Potty Training

Your parents might be worried about the dog messing up the garden and house by pooing and peeing around.

Let them know you can potty train the dog by teaching it where to go for business when necessary. 

House Training 

You can house train your dog by teaching them how to live in your home and the rules they should follow. You need to potty train your dog, showing them where they should go to poo and pee. The dog must know that it can’t do business anywhere it wants or likes. Your dog also needs to learn to damage expensive items or scratch the furniture in the house. 

Basic Commands 

Ensure to understand the basic commands that all dogs must know. Here are the three major commands:

  • Come
  • Sit
  • Stay

Your dog needs to learn these commands for its safety. For instance, if your dog runs towards a partially covered ditch, you can call it back by saying, “COME.” If the dog has been adequately trained to obey your command, it will return immediately. 

Knowing these commands can reassure your parents that the dog will listen to them or you. 

8. Tell Them How Much You Wish to Have a Dog

You can be sentimental at this point. Parents always want to see their children happy and will do almost anything to help them become successful. Explain to them how important getting a dog is to you. Tell them why you want a dog and how much you care about having one. For example, you can tell them that you:

  • Indeed love dogs 
  • Consider dogs as cute pets 
  • Like a dog’s company 
  • Want a dog you can play with
  • A dog can love you unconditionally

9. Try Fostering a Dog

Try fostering a dog for one day, one week, or two weeks. That way, your parents can ascertain whether you can manage a dog or not. Most shelters allow individuals to foster their dog for some time to ascertain whether it’s perfect for them or not. 

You can find foster groups by typing “Foster Dog Group + your city name” on Google. You can check out some of the foster groups in your community with your parents. 

One of the advantages of dog fostering is that you can choose not to keep it if you can’t take care of the pet. It gives you a huge opportunity to prove that you can take care of dogs. 

Here are some tips you should note before fostering a dog

  • Ensure to research on the following topics:
  • How to exercise dogs
  • Walking a dog on a leash
  • How to feed dogs 
  • How to clean a dog’s mess and potty
  • Games to play with dogs to keep them happy 
  • How to house train a dog 

Ensure to prepare yourself carefully before bringing the dog home, as it can be your only chance to convince your parents about adopting a dog. 

10. Consider Adopting a Dog 

Purchasing a new dog or puppy can be expensive, and some parents can’t afford it. Hence, we recommend adopting a dog as it costs nothing. Here are some benefits of dog adoption:

  • It saves you money and lots of training time as some dogs are already trained
  • You’ll be rehoming a trained dog
  • It’s affordable 

Final Thoughts 

Adopting a dog comes with extra responsibilities, so be prepared adequately. The most significant opportunity you’ll have to prove to your parents that you can maintain a dog is fostering a dog. 

Conduct proper research, discuss with your parents, hear their concerns, and offer solutions. That way, you can convince them to get a dog.

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