German Shepherd Games For Mind And Body

German shepherd games for mind and body are some of the most engaging ways of entertaining your dog. Playing with your German shepherds helps enhance their mental stimulation to encourage good behaviors and reduce boredom. German Shepherds are known to be intelligent dogs. So, you need to be creative in coming up with the right games for mind and body to keep your dog’s brain happy and her mind sharp. This article covers a range of some of the best German shepherd games you should consider trying out.

Top German Shepherd Games for Mind and Body

1: Cup Game

This is an exciting game for a dog as it stretches its mental capabilities. So, it’s good to start it simple as you progress to harder versions of the game.

What you need:

  • 2 or more plastics cups
  • Tasty treats


  • Array your cups while your dog is seated nearby. Place a tasty treat under one cup and let the dog guess the cup with a treat for it to earn a reward. However, if she correctly guesses, you can decide to give her the treat for the effort so that you keep her engaged. Give her as many chances as possible
  • If she still gets it wrong, stop giving the treats. It may take time for her to understand the game, but with more practice, she gets to grasp the flow of the game
  • Once they differentiate between the wrong and right cup, make it trickier by shuffling the cups. You can also let the dog wait in a different room or add cups, so there’s more to choose from. That way, she may no more get it right

Dogs are gifted in many ways, so if your dog doesn’t get the game right, then there is a chance she is excellent at other games.

GS playing
GS playing

2: Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt is one of the simplest games you can play with your German shepherd, and it takes minimal effort on your part. And, not only is it going to stimulate her brain, but it’s also going to stimulate her senses, as well!

What you need:


  • To get started, hide a treat in a prominent location while your dog watches, even if it’s placing it right there in front of her.
  • Develop a simple cue signal to mark the start of the game like “go for it” or simply “go.” Once they find it, give her another treat as a reward.
  • As your dog starts to comprehend the game, complicate it further by hiding the treat in a more secluded place.

Progressively your dog will have good mental exercise. Your German shepherd will love it, and it’s an entertaining game for both of you.

3: Flying Disc

This game can help your dog get stimulated mentally and physically. Typically, your German shepherd dog makes a run and jump to catch the flying disc. This makes a good workout and also good for the mind as they are expected to project the exact point to catch the disc.

What you need:

  • A set of toss rings or flying discs
  • Tasty treats
  • Good playfield


  • Tease your dog by moving the disc in the air so as to get her excited and interested in the disc
  • Roll the disc for a small distance and let the dog fetch it, and offer a treat after getting it back 
  • As soon as she grasps the flow of the game, toss it a little further to make it more difficult and engaging too

Some dogs may need several attempts to understand the game. Also, have several discs to toss to keep your dog back and forth for a good workout.

4: Toy Pickups Game

German shepherds are very intelligent since they can easily learn some cue signals. This trait can be developed for dogs to put their toys back in a basket to clean up their pen. 

What you need:

  • Several toys
  • Treats
  • A basket


  • Develop a cue signal like “drop it.”
  • Now, give her a toy and let the dog hold it for a moment.
  • Say “drop it” as you request the toy back by holding it.
  • If she gives it back, get her a treat as a reward.
  • Repeat the step by just saying “drop it” without holding the toy and if she just drops, reward her.
  • After she gets the concept, now lead her towards a basket while she’s holding the toy and say, “drop it.”
  • Reward her when she drops the toy
  • Being very intelligent, she should at that point have learned the cue signal.
  • Develop another cue signal like “basket” while pointing at the basket.
  • Let her hold a toy and point at the basket and if the dog doesn’t drop it in the basket or near it, just repeat the steps. Remember to reward your furry friend every time.
  • After mastering the concept, use cue signals of the toy names like “ball” and combining with “basket.” This way, she will learn to drop the toys and do the clean up all by herself 

This game relieves the pressure of having to do a clean-up every time, and it’s good for her mind and body, too.

German Shepherd playing with sticks
German Shepherd playing with sticks

5: Key Game

This is a great game that’s good for the mind as it involves your dog finding “lost” keys. German shepherd being good at sniffing will try to bring out hidden keys that have been attached to a piece of cloth.

What you need:

  • A bunch of keys
  • Good treats
  • Piece of cloth


  • Attach a bunch of spare keys to a piece of cloth for the dog to pick them with ease
  • Place them right in front of the dog and say the cue signal “keys”. The idea is the dog should be able to associate the cue “keys” with picking the keys. If they pick it, remember to reward her with tasty treats.
  • Tease her mind a little by placing the keys with a group of toys and say “keys” to let the dog find them. Remember the treats to keep her excited and engaged.
  • Make it more difficult by placing it in more hidden areas. This should stimulate her mind further.

This game can be played outdoors too or on walk paths by dropping the keys and letting the dog fetch them. For good mental stimulation, the game should start easy as it gets more complicated. 

6: Ring Stacker

The ring stacker is an excellent game for the mind and body. It involves different sizes of rings that the dog can pick up and stack up in order of size. It is a difficult game, and the dog may take weeks to master. Be patient with your German shepherd as you guide her through the game. Monitor their body language cues, such as wagging the tail or changing ear positions to determine whether or not they’re enjoying the game.

What you need:

  • Ring stacker
  • Good treats
  • Patience


  • A good start to this game is by developing cues that signal the start of the game 
  • Have your ring stacker with a set of rings
  • Place the rings in a formation, from the smallest to the largest, where the dog can easily see their different sizes.
  • At the start of a command, place the largest ring as the dog watches.
  • As soon as you place the last ring, reward the dog with a treat to signal a prize. 
  • Say the cue signal and let the dog try stacking the rings.

First attempts may not be correct but reward her for the effort anyway. This is a highly engaging game for both of you.

7: Green and Red Lights

This particular German shepherd game is designed to train the dog to be happy and active and know when to calm down and lay down. 

What you need:

  • Playfield
  • Time and energy
  • Treats


  • Develop cue commands that are simple, such as saying “go” and “down.”
  • Get your dog to the field and let her lay down
  • Say “go” and run as she chases you
  • Then, tell her “down” to signal a stop to the game and let her lay down again
  • Give her the treats every time she lies down.

She may not get it right at first, but after a few trials, she will start getting the command. It’s a great outdoor game and good for both of you.

Wrap Up

Aside from the aforementioned German shepherd games, you should consider trying out other free options that can entice your dog’s mind. There are tons of amazing German shepherd games for mind and body that will help you succeed in entertaining and training your best friend without too much hassle. 

With the suitable toys and some handy guides on how to train a dog, you’ll realize that investing in the correct German shepherd games is like taking a walk in the park. Keep tabs on our website to learn more about the various games for mind and body suitable for German shepherds and the importance of playing with your dog.

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