German Shepherd Birthday Party Supplies

Are you a German Shepherded puppy owner? If yes, you’ll want to spoil your furry friend with the right supplies during her birthday parties or other important events. Certain things are crucial for your pup’s happiness and wellbeing. Moreover, buying items like a leash, harness, and collar is necessary for your pup’s training and safety. But your dog needs treats and toys too! So, in this guide, we highlight 15 German shepherd birthday party supplies to thrill your pup!

Essential German Shepherd Birthday Party Supplies

Here is a checklist of essential things you’ll need to buy for your German shepherd puppy for her birthday party. Of course, you might not buy some of the items right away. But we’re confident the above checklist is a great place to start. You can list them in terms of priority and keep checking out what you’ve bought during each party celebration.

1. Leash

If your puppy is barely 8 years old, there is not much need for formal exercises. But it would be best if you accustomed your GSD Pup to putting on a leash during his young age. Training your puppy to wear and accept staying with a leash is easier when he is still young. In addition, it’s advantageous to train your GSD dog on the basics of good loose leash walking while still young.

 Here are Our Best Options for GSD leashes:

  • Black Rhino Dog Leash features two handles; One allows for a full extension of 6 Ft. The second is attached to your pup’s collar and works as the traffic lead. This leash helps to achieve better control during casual walks.
  • Viper Biothane K9 Working Dog Leash – it’s a perfect lead for track training.

2. Harness

Some dog owners do not see a harness as a “really necessary” thing to buy. But you need to buy a harness for your German Shepherd puppy to enjoy the following benefits:

  • It protects your puppy from slipping.
  • Its an aid for puppies who haven’t yet known how to track well with a leash
  • It prevents injuries in case your pup tugs or pulls against the leash
  • It prevents the leash from getting caught beneath your dog’s legs

Here Is Our Best Option

RUFFWEAR, Front Range Dog Harness – It’s durable, lightweight, and designed for all-day casual adventures. 

3. Collar

It’s a standard requirement in most areas for every dog to put on a collar labeled with your contact details. You can choose collars ranging from traditional leather to embroidered nylon designs.

We love the GoTags Personalized Dog Collar.

They feature 5 different colors. Besides, the GoTags Personalized Dog Collar is durable and lightweight. A great feature of this collar is that you can personalize it up to 25 characters. 

Here are the key details you should include on the collar:

  • User name
  • Telephone number
  • Zip code and street number of your address

We don’t recommend you include your pup’s real name because it can make it easier for thugs to steal your dog!

4. Travel Restraint

You’ll want to travel with your GSD puppy every now and then. But how can you ensure that your journey is smooth and comfy to both you and your puppy?

Traveling with an unrestrained Puppy in your car can be mischievous and dangerous! He might try to climb on your footwell or your lap to gain your attention. Also, your puppy can sustain injuries during collisions. 

So, we recommend you check the Soft Dog Travel Crate. It will help protect your pup. But if your puppy is a devastative chewer, you may consider anchoring your pup’s harness to a seat belt. Here is a heavy-duty seatbelt to help enhance safety for your puppy.

5. Crate

People have different opinions about buying dog crates, but crates are advantageous for your GSD puppy if used responsibly. Crates serve as a comfy den for your pup, where he learns to stay safe and relaxed.

Also, a crate may brace your pup for future restraining. For instance, you can crate your puppy when traveling by air or when staying at the veterinary center.

Here is a great dog crate for your GSD puppy.

6. Bedding

Bedding goes hand in with the best dog crate. So, ensure to get the best bedding for your GSD puppy. 

The Vetbed Dog Bed is a good pick for GSDs. It’s ideal for young GSD puppies, and the bed is machine washable and easy to dry. 

But if you live in colder environments, you need to invest in the best heated pads for German Shepherds.

7. Poop Bags

Your puppy will inevitably poop, and you’ll somehow need to clean up the mess. But you want to ensure the process is as easy, hygienic, and quick as possible. Poop bags do this for you.

We recommend you get the Greener Walker Poop Bags. They are 100% leakproof!

8. Toys

Like all pets, German Shepherd dogs have a lot of energy. So, toys are a priority for your puppy. GSD puppies love playing, and playtime is very important for their muscle, coordination, and motor skills nourishment.

 So, it’s a big mistake to forget toys on your GSD party checklist! Consider our best Option KONG – Classic Dog Toy. It is an ideal toy for tug of war and chewing on games.

9. Puppy Gates Or Playpen

Puppy gates or playpens act as safe zones for your puppy. Creating a safe zone for your GSD puppy where you leave him for a little moment while you take a shower or receive your visitor at the door is a good idea.

You might leave treats and toys in your puppy zone to keep him busy and train him to associate with good things. Here is an ideal playpen for your GSD puppy. And here is the best puppy gate to create a safe zone for your puppy.

10. Food 

Of course, your GSD should have an adequate supply of food at her party. We recommend inquiring from your vet about the right diet and amassing the food to a few days’ worth. If you opt to change the diet, wait until your puppy has completely adjusted to the new environment. After then, you can gradually introduce the new diet. 

Read here to find some great wet dog foods you can give to your German Shepherded Dog.

11. Water and Food Bowls

All puppies should have access to fresh, clean water. Stainless or ceramic bowls are efficient, clean, and bacteria-free. As we recommend giving your puppy food rewards, it’s better to use automatic feeders that dispense food in small portions.

Also, note that GSD puppies are prone to bloating. You don’t want your dog to die as a result of bloating. Easting so fast is a big risk factor that causes bloating. So, a bowl that allows slow feeding like Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl can prevent bloating cases.

12. Treats

Does your pup feed on a balanced diet daily? If yes, then why buy treats? Well, treats are a key to successful training! Moreover, treats help establish new behaviors in your puppy and help him move to a higher level of training.

Luckily, small pieces of cheese and cooked chicken are effective homemade treats. But we also love the Nutro Crunchy Natural Biscuit Dog Treats

13. Grooming Kit

German Shepherds can be tough and rough. However, grooming your dog is important for his physical wellbeing. Besides hiring a professional groomer for your puppy, it’s good to buy some essential grooming supplies for use at any time. 

Some of the basic grooming kits to buy are:

  • Shampoo – Use it when your puppy roll in anything stinky.
  • A brush – Use it to remove falling hair, mats, tangles, and debris.
  • Tick twister – Use it to remove ticks.

14. Toothpaste and Toothbrush

Toothpaste and toothbrush are also essential things to add to your GSD party checklist. Your German Shepherded puppy deserves extra grooming to ensure his wellbeing. After all, you can use these grooming tools approximately once in 6 weeks!

Dog toothbrushes feature a wide range of designs, starting from handled models like the silicon brush to even those that use ultrasonic waves in breaking down calculus and plaque.

When buying a toothbrush, don’t forget to pick an effective toothpaste. We recommend you buy the Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste.

15. Insurance

Finally, but yet important, you’ll want to insure your German Shepherd puppy. Pet insurance covers your puppy from any unexpected veterinary healthcare needs. For instance, dog surgeries can be expensive. But, with insurance, all surgical procedures can be performed to help your German Shepherd recover well.

Also, some insurance policies come with an additional bonus. For example, insurance can pay for any losses incurred when your pup destroys someone’s property. 

Wrapping Up On German Shepherd Birthday Party Supplies

So, what things did you find necessary for your German Shepherd party? Of course, your German shepherd needs special attention, and you can’t do without these essential items for her next birthday party. So, what do you think comes first in your checklist? Be sure to share with us in the comment box below.

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