Dogs That Look Like German Shepherds

Among all the dog breeds in the world, the German shepherd is the most popular breed. In Europe and Great Britain, the solid and energetic German shepherd is known as Alsatian. Some characteristics that make the breed charming include courage, obedience, and intelligence. But is there dogs that look like shepherds?

Physically, the breed has muscular front legs and shoulders and thick and sturdy thighs. German shepherds are very tall and have rectangular body structures. The species can serve as military and police service dogs, search and rescue dogs, drug detectors, and sheepherders. Their loyalty and faithfulness are unmatched among dog breeds.

However, some people prefer dog breeds similar to German shepherd but smaller to suit living in an apartment. Apartment living means the breed has to be low maintenance in terms of rigorous physical exercises. The dog breed also has to be calm and less aggressive, thus good with kids, strangers, and other pets.

Below are some of the dogs that look like German shepherds but can live conveniently in an apartment.

1: Belgian Shepherds

This breed can comfortably live in an apartment as long as the owner invests in giving it space to shed energy through exercises. Belgian shepherds look like a mini-German shepherd and possess a lot of power and strength. Thus, they must have a minimum of three intense walks daily. If the apartment is located near a dog park, then you are assured that she will have the much-needed daily dose of exercise as long as the owner is also active.

Apartment living success will also depend on the owner. Naturally, they are easy to train and intelligent. Still, they can suffer from nervous disorders if the owner does not give them time and space to exercise physically and emotionally. Without exercise and stimulation, the dog can destroy property or injure themselves.

To prevent aggression, the dogs need to be socialized with other dogs and people through a daily walking schedule. If necessary, engage a professional dog trainer to help you make the Belgian shepherd a lovable pet and part of your family.

Belgian Shepherds
Belgian Shepherds

2: Bohemian Shepherd

The Bohemian dog breed is medium-sized and makes a good family companion due to its cheerful and loving personality. The Bohemian shepherds are strong, muscular with a dense, long coat which makes them appear handsome. They can live in an apartment as long as the owner takes them out to play and exercise in the dog park daily.

These pretty breeds have a bold, active, playful, and loyal temperament. They make lovely family guard dogs but are not aggressive or fierce. Bohemian shepherds also socialize well with family but suspicious of strangers.

They need vigorous exercise daily to prevent them from becoming anxious and destructive. Signs of restlessness include chewing on stuff, relentless whining, disturbing neighbor, and endless barking. With proper training, the Bohemian breed is child-friendly as it is tolerant, loving, and friendly. However, the children should be trained on how to behave and show gentleness towards the dog.

Bohemian Shepherd
Bohemian Shepherd

3: Shiloh Shepherd

The Shiloh shepherd looks like a mini-German shepherd and can comfortably live in an apartment as long as they get enough exercise. They are suited to live practically in any weather as they have an all-weather coat. Though they can live outside on a kennel, they are happier living inside with the owner. In summer, make sure they get enough water and shade while making sure their shelter is warm enough in winter by investing in outdoor dog house heaters.

To make the Shiloh shepherd more apartment suited, ensure you take him out daily to parks for a stroll. The Shiloh dog must be well-groomed to prevent foul odors in the apartment. Engage a professional trainer to help your dog master basic commands like “Stay” and “Come,” which can come in handy when he slips out of his collar in busy areas.

However, the dog may be restless in loud noises common in urban areas. To help the dog, stay calm to sudden loud noise like sirens and beeping noise. While you are out, leave the dog with lots of toys that keep them busy and prevent them from destroying your property.

Shiloh Shepherd
Shiloh Shepherd

4: American Alsatian

This breed resembles a wolf but very friendly and gentle. Compared to German shepherds, this breed has a longer coat, is healthier, and has a higher life span. They are most suited for apartment living due to their lower activity level and a lesser need for vigorous exercises. However, they must be allowed to exercise at least one hour daily. They also must have their coat brushed daily.

The breed is a lap dog and craves companionship; therefore, they should not be left for more than four hours alone. They are deeply attached to their owners and will rarely wander from their owners. American Alsatians are also child-friendly though not very playful. The breed rarely barks or whines and therefore makes terrible guard dogs. They are intelligent and so easier to train and can live for about 14 years.

American Alsatian
American Alsatian

5: American White Shepherd

This pure white and lively breed is a direct descendant of a German shepherd. It has long and thick hair. The white shepherd is faithful, attentive, and very friendly. The breed is protective of his family and can become aggressive to strangers.

Compared to the German shepherd, it has a better temperament. They are intelligent, making them easier to train. Though they are shy, they should be properly socialized with other pets, people, and situations to help them develop balanced temperaments.

The American white shepherd can live in an apartment as long as they get ample daily exercise. Due to their affectionate, playful and energetic nature, they can play and interact with people of all ages. They are heavy shedders and should be groomed regularly. Regular bathing can cause skin irritation, and therefore they should be bathed only when necessary using skin-friendly shampoos.

American White Shepherd
American White Shepherd

Final Thoughts

Raising a dog in an apartment is a huge responsibility and requires the dog owner to sacrifice a lot of time and resources to make it worthwhile. It is vital to ensure the dog is safe from all hazards. To make it easy to live with a dog in an apartment, ensure you get a breed that suits your lifestyle and sheds less. Also, create an area in your apartment that is dog-friendly with toys, a feeding bowl, and a dog crate to make your dog comfortable.

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