Do You Place Dog Crate in Bedroom or Living Room?

Some people go to work and leave their pets behind in a crate. Some of these dogs have never been crated before and can quickly cause trouble. There are chances that they’ll find some way to escape or maybe even become destructive by chewing up furniture, especially if they are not properly trained. Everyone wants to make their pets feel safe and secure in their homes. To achieve this, you need to find a comfortable and safe place to put your dog’s crate. But should you place dog crate in bedroom or living room? Both options have pros and cons, as you’ll learn below, and your choice also depends on the time of the day or night.

Placing a Dog Crate in Your Bedroom

Firstly, putting the dog crate in the bedroom of a house that has enough space is better than putting it in a large living room. However, there are many things that a pet owner should take into account before placing their dog in a crate in their bedroom. You should check if your dog is anxious. Keeping the crate in the bedroom will help them sleep peacefully during the night. It is also a great way for them to communicate with you when they are most anxious. 

Secondly, start crate training your dog as soon as possible, and keep the crate near the doorway so that you can reprimand them if they start acting strangely during the night. You may find that your pet doesn’t like to sleep near your bed; try to place the crate somewhere else, but try to be as far away as possible from the rooms where you live and where you spend most of your time with them. 

Furthermore, it’s not mandatory for you and your pet to both sleep at the same time. It is very likely that if the dog sleeps early, the lighting outside your room will disturb his sleeping patterns, and he will be unhappy. It’s possible that putting a dog crate in your bedroom causes the dog to feel anxious or start to whine or bark at night. This is not comfortable for many pet owners.

Dog crate in the bedroom

Advantages of Placing a Dog Crate in the Bedroom

Placing your dog’s crate in your bedroom offer the following benefits:

Bonding is Easier

It is said that dogs are the best friends of man. Bonding is a very important part of the life of a dog. When you share your home with your dog, it’s a sign of kindness and love. It makes them feel special and enables them to form a bond with you. Moreover, many pet owners consider their dogs as part of their family. Therefore, putting the crate in the bedroom will help them to be closer to you whenever you are away from home. 

Know You Better

When starting a relationship with your dog, it is important to get them well-acquainted with you as soon as they can walk. This will help them understand who is in charge and obey it when you command them to go to the bathroom or go to their room. It will also be easier to train them to stay in their crate for longer periods. 

Better Understanding

Dogs need to be socialized, trained, and loved. This will help them understand you and your family better. It is your responsibility to learn what your dog is trying to tell you so you can make good decisions when it comes to their health and welfare. 

It is very hard to manage a dog you adopt or rescue because they are eager to learn to behave appropriately to please you. Taking a rescue dog or an adult dog with you may seem like a big challenge. But, most dogs are already well-versed in obedience training and basic house commands.

Easy to master the Daily Routine

If you place their crate inside your bedroom, they will become familiar with your daily routine, from getting up in the morning until bedtime. If you are training puppies or doggies, let them get to know you, what you like, and your daily routine too. Dogs are intelligent. They will behave as if they know what you are thinking and will help you to understand them.

Minimal Chances of Noise

If you keep their crate in your bedroom, you can train them not to try to cause unnecessary noise. It is very effective, especially when there is someone that is not familiar with your dog. In addition, they have a limited view of the outside world at night when they sleep. 

This means that they will not bark at any noise that they hear or whatever sound they are interested in hearing. It can be frustrating to be at your peaceful place, and suddenly you hear your dog barking loudly in the living room because of the wind or other minor inconveniences that cause them to think that it is a big deal to act that way. That is usually what happens when the crate is placed in the living room.

Disadvantages of Placing a Dog Crate in the Bedroom

Dogs do not understand the concept of having their own space. We all know that sometimes we need to use our bedrooms for work or school activities. Having your dog crate in the bedroom will make it difficult for you to concentrate on your work.

Dogs will bark a lot when they are not in a crate, and you will have to give them some attention to stop barking. Humans always recognize the smell that dogs release. It’s definitely not the smell you want in your bedroom all night long. Moreover, the dog has limited space to enjoy exercising in the bedroom.

Placing a Dog Crate in Your Living Room

It may be difficult to focus on other things when your dog sleeps in their crate in the living room. Being in the bedroom with your dog in a crate is very convenient, but placing them in the living room is also not that bad. If you have a dog that likes to share space with you, a high-traffic area in your house will help a lot. It allows the dog to interact with other family members and enjoy more social activities.

Dog crate in the living room
Dog crate in the living room

Advantages of Placing a Dog Crate in the Living Room

Here are some benefits to placing your dog’s crate in the living room.

They Feel like Part of the Family

Putting the crate in the living room will help your pet feel comfortable and allow them to have access to different areas of your home. It is important that your dog feels like they belong to you and that they are enjoying being part of all the activities that you do. 

You want what is best for your beloved pet, right? By encouraging them to become involved in what you do, they will start to feel safe around you. 

More Space for Exercising

Allow dogs to be involved in many activities and even have conversations with other dogs. You’ll have more space for the dogs to move around and learn more about the environment in general because dogs need a place where they feel safe and secure. 

Having a crate in the living room will give them more space to play and relax. It will enable you to build your dog’s trust in you by showing them that you are a trustworthy person. When they get used to it, they learn to tolerate being inside their crate. Being with them during social times will help them realize the importance of having their crate.

More Location Options 

Space is no longer a big deal because the living room is often bigger than the bedroom. If you decide to place their crates in the living room, consider placing them in a spot where they will not be easily bumped into. This could be in the corner of the room or even near a window.

Disadvantages of Placing a Dog Crate in the Living Room

As much as you love having your pet in your favorite rooms in the house, there are some disadvantages, too. Putting the crate in the living room can cause harm either to your dog or other pets in the home. 

Proximity to Substances

Living rooms are usually stuffed with various kinds of decorations that can hurt your dog. There are many things that dogs can do that will harm them, like chewing and ruining certain objects. For example, some poisonous plants can harm your dog if they chew on them.

High-traffic Area

Many people are often busy in the living room, and the dog can easily become overwhelmed or annoyed by too many unfamiliar people in the room with him. That makes the living room potentially dangerous to kids and other pets.


A majority of pet owners believe that putting the crate in the bedroom prevents separation anxiety in dogs and makes it easier for them to sleep peacefully. On the other hand, leaving your dogs’ crate next to your bed may cause them to be worried that they will no longer be able to move freely around the house. This could cause them to begin to do destructive behavior later on. Overall, having a properly crate-trained dog in the living room or bedroom won’t threaten anyone.

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