Coconut Oil For Dog Tear Stains

Many dog owners often don’t think about dog tear stains when budgeting for the grooming needs of their furry friends. Tears collect dirt over time, which causes turns the far around the eyes into a disgusting reddish brown color. Thankfully, getting rid of those superficial blemishes only takes a few minutes, even for breeds more prone to dog tear stains. This article will guide you on using coconut oil for dog tear stains.

How Do You Apply Coconut Oil To A Dog’s Eyes?

Before you treat your pooch’s tears with coconut water, you need to know why your pet may have tears staining his fur. Tears don’t cause tear stains; the dirt that collects on the tears causes ugly stains on your canine’s fur.

Therefore, if your dog tears too many eyes, rusty-looking stains will appear under its eyes. However, even the iron in the tears or urine of your pooch can sometimes turn dark if it stays on the fur for a long. The more time an agent stays on the fur, the drier it becomes. 

Generally, red stains appear around your dog’s eyes, but sometimes the red stain extends down to the skin around its mouth. Moisture in a room is ideal for a yeast or bacterium to breed. Even the hair on your dog may be a red or rusty color.

Luckily, you can easily get rid of the tear stains. Dog breeds that are very prone to tears are due to how their faces are developed. In addition, Problems with your dog’s eyes often cause excessive eye discharges. Those with eye problems or allergies usually cause excessive discharge from their eyes.

Before you use coconut oil to treat your dog’s tears, you must determine what caused the stain to occur in the first place. For example, If the allergy causes your dog to cry repeatedly, there is a good chance that his tears will keep coming back. 

Allergies cause your dog to tear his eyes constantly. If you know what he’s allergic to, try changing his food to something that doesn’t harm him in such a manner. Interestingly, some pets react well to eating raw or home-cooked food.

It’s wise to have your dog checked by a veterinary professional. Some eye diseases can cause your dog to squint heavily, affecting his ability to see things clearly. Some diseases cause your dog to tear very easily; if they cause that, they probably won’t go away by themselves. The problem can eventually lead to serious trouble for your dog’s eyes if you don’t control them immediately.

Will Coconut Oil Hurt A Dog’s Eyes?

When it comes time to choose the perfect tear stain removers for dogs, you’ll realize there are dozens of options. You might not know that many of these products on the market, or even homemade options, actually contain antibiotics. The FDA sent a warning about some of these cleaning products a few years back. What happens when people overuse antibiotics? Your dog may have liver problems or develop resistance to antibiotic treatments.

Coconut oil is safe for use on your pooch. It has many other benefits. Coconut oils have anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that prevent the growth of harmful bacteria when used on your dog’s fur.

The oils act as a protective shield around your dog’s fur, which helps to prevent it from staining. It also keeps the tears from soaking into his skin. That is why coconut oils are an active ingredient in many stain removers. But, in order for your dog to have all the benefits of coconut oil, you must get the right product. 

In essence, it is very important that you buy unrefined, organic coconut oil. Furthermore, non-organic stain removers also contain many nasty chemicals that can cause problems for your pet. Always read labels very closely before you buy anything to help you reduce the chances of it irritating your dog.

How Can I Get Rid Of My Dog’s Tear Stains Naturally?

Before applying coconut oil to your pet, you must do a few things. It is important that you get the eyes of your pet as dry as possible before you apply coconut oil to clean their eyes. Apply coconut oil to your pooch’s eyes by wiping them dry with a makeup pad or other soft cloth. You must not use tissues or similar products made from wood. If you are comfortable with dog grooming procedures, you can cut the fur around your pet’s eyes. But it would be best if you didn’t hurt him accidentally.

Trimming your beloved pet makes applying coconut oil to his skin easier and kills bacteria more effectively. Do not force him to work if he is struggling or squirmy. Do what you can to make your pet feel as comfortable as possible by cuddling and helping him relax. If it is a good experience for him, he will be happy and eager to have his eyes cleaned the next time you need to do it. 

Start the process by massaging the coconut oil on his fur and skin. Ensure that you cover the entire stained area on both eyes. If you want to apply coconut oil with your fingers, ensure you’ve thoroughly washed your hands before doing that. Add more coconut oil to the skin of your dog. It will prevent the bacteria in his skin from causing infections. It will also prevent the irritation from getting any more severe.

Alternatively, you could use a cotton cloth or a makeup pad to apply coconut oil to your dog’s eyes. You won’t want to use tiny cotton balls to clean your dog because they stick to his fur. After using coconut oil on your dog’s eyes, reward him with a treat and rub his belly gently. That will make him eager when it’s time to clean his eyes.

Be Consistent And Prevent It

Unless you’re consistent, you will never get rid of all the stains that your dog’s tears leave behind. Do the cleaning as soon as you remember in case you’re usually busy, and it’s easy to forget the routine. It will take 10-14 days for the treatment to work. 

It depends on how dark the stains are and how quickly you start treating them. If you cannot change the color of the stains on your dog’s skin within a fortnight, you should see your vet. You should be concerned whenever you notice that your dog’s eyes have started watering out excessively all of a sudden.

You can do plenty to stop the dog tears from causing ugly stains. Wipe the fur of your dog’s face every day to remove any dirt or grime. If you feel you can’t groom your dog perfectly yourself, take your dog to a professional groomer.

Keep a close eye on what you feed your pooch. If you have poor-quality food, your dog will be susceptible to infections. If you give your dog low-quality, processed food, the chances are that he’ll get sick, especially if he’s allergic to some of the ingredients you’ll find in most low-quality dog foods on the market. In fact, if you’re not that busy, you can prepare your dog’s food at home!

If you do not give your pooch enough good food, he will have a weak immune system, which means he will be more susceptible to illness. Switch to a healthy diet that you can prepare yourself. It’s prudent to examine your pet’s eyes to check whether he has any underlying problems. Some breeds of dogs are prone to vision difficulties, so it’s important to examine your dog’s eyes.

Coconut oils are great for your dog’s skin, but the benefits they provide when incorporated into his diet are huge. It increases his immune system, which protects him from common infections. One cup of coconut oil is good for large dogs (about three tablespoons daily). If your dog is very small or has a chew toy, you can adjust the amount of coconut oil you give him. Please do not give him too much at once; he might start to feel dizzy.

Regularly applying coconut oil to Pomeranian’s skin and fur will help maintain their good health. Lauric acid is a long-chain, medium-length fatty acid that, on its own, makes up about half of all the fatty acids in coconut oils. 50% of all fatty acids in coconut oil are unsaturated.

Dog owners frequently complain that they cannot manage their dog’s weight. Pomeranians that are obese will benefit a lot from adding coconut oil to their diet. It can help your pooch to regulate his weight and stay healthy. 

It helps reduce the number of vet bills that can occur when your dog is overweight, such as when he develops arthritis or even constant joint pains. Coconut oils help your pooch to digest all the good nutrients in his food easily.

Final Thoughts

Some dog breeds, such as Pomeranians, are more prone to tear stains than others. However, with coconut oil, you can naturally get rid of these ugly stains without hurting your furry friend or exposing him to certain health risks from other non-organic cleaning products. Furthermore, coconut oil is good for your dog’s overall health if incorporated into his diet.

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