Best Undercoat Rake For Short Hair Dogs

Is your dog shedding too much? The best undercoat rake for short hair dogs can assist you in grooming your dog. Amazingly, an undercoat rake features countless sharp teeth that can stretch beneath your dog’s base coat, stripping away loose hairs and separating matting. 

If you want to groom your short-haired dog using an undercoat rake, make sure you select a top-quality rake that can handle your dog’s heaviest shedding. Luckily, with many options in the market, this review and guide will ensure that you easily pick the best brand.

But first…

BrandProduct NameEditor's PickPriceRating
FURminator Grooming RakeBest Overall$4.7
Oster Dog Rake And Shedding Brush, 18-Tooth Coarse, WideBest Runner Up$$4.7
Double Raw Nomad Dog Undercoat RakeBest Budget$4.4
Maxpower Planet Pet Grooming Brush-Double Sided And Dematting Undercoat RakeBest Multipurpose$4.7
GoPets Demmatting Comb With 2-Sided Professional Grooming RakeBest Professional$$4.4

Who Needs the Best Undercoat Rake for Short Hair Dogs?

If you need to maintain the good health of your dog’s skin, then an undercoat rake is the tool to consider. You only need to pick the best, but the size of your dog may determine what model to choose. Smaller dogs are suited with smaller undercoat rakes, while larger dogs require larger tools. If you want your short-haired dog to have more conditioned and shiny skin, then go for an undercoat rake specially designed for such short coats. Also, the right undercoat rake helps give your dog a stylish-fur-cut and reduces shedding.

Top Five Best Undercoat Rakes for Short Hair Dogs

 #1. Best Overall: FURminator Grooming Rake

With its rotary metal teeth, the FURminator Grooming rake detaches hair strands from the base coat and aid in preventing mats and tangles in thick fur. The undercoat rake is ideal for short dogs with thick double coats or thick fur. Its ergonomic nonslip grip handle facilitates optimum control.

FURminator Grooming rake offers an important chance for your dog to receive the ultimate standard checkup. More importantly, grooming with this undercoat rake enhances the relationship between you and your pet. This undercoat rake ensures that your dog smells better, looks better, and his coat is healthier. But all that is possible if your dog adheres to a basic grooming regimen of routine brushing, monthly bathing, and weekly de-shedding.

Outstanding Features

  • Rotary metal teeth that detach tangles and stray hairs
  • It has an ergonomic nonslip grip handle
  • Ideal for thick short hair dogs
  • It is an effective measure for undercoat care
  • Ensures proper hygiene for your dog
  • Offers maximum control
  • It is convenient for thick short hair dogs
  • Provides better hygiene for your dog
  • Easy to use
  • Delivered with conditioners, sprays, and shampoos to ensure the grooming process is a success
  • Durable
  • It has a delicate handle.

#2. Best Runner Up: Oster Dog Rake and Shedding Brush, 18-Tooth Coarse, Wide

This undercoat rake has 18 teeth that simply cut across medium-to-dense undercoats on huge dogs weighing more than 25 pounds. The Oster dog rake is made of top-quality stainless metal and is ideal for thinning, shaping, and fishing your dog’s base coat. Its elegant designs enable it to detach stray hair with minimal cutting. 

Oster Undercoat rake gives your dog a custom coat look. Furthermore, the 18 teeth have rotary edges to ensure your dog’s safety. It functions smoothly to keep your dog’s coat and skin healthy. Most dogs are comfortable with this tool. It’s also made of rust-proof metal, and it does not give you a hectic time to clean.

Outstanding Features

  • It is made of stainless metal
  • Sturdy, well-manufactured undercoat rake
  • Great for Spaniels, Setters, and Terriers
  • Ideal for large breeds
  • Its 18 teeth are intended for the optimal safety of your dog
  • Convenient for huge dogs having medium-to-dense undercoats
  • Easy to clean
  • Works smoothly, providing a lot of comfort to your dog
  • Elegant look with effective shape, thins, and finishes
  • Ensures safety for your dog because of its rounded edges
  • Made of rust-free steel
  • Convenient undercoat cutting
  • Inconvenient for smaller dogs
  • It is delicate

#3. Best Budget: Double Raw Nomad Dog Undercoat Rake

Grateful to its dual rows of rust-free metal teeth, this Nomad Dog Undercoat Rake is incredibly useful for long and thick basecoats on dogs. According to the manufacturer, this rake can lower shedding by approximately 90% in a single session. Its comfy grip and brush head are suitable for both small and large dogs. 

Double Raw Nomad Dog Undercoat Rake is more convenient than other standard grooming tools. Its price is fairly affordable, and pet professionals highly recommend it. Its scientific design enhances your dog’s skin appearance by giving it a healthy and shiny coat. Furthermore, the innovative design permits air sacculation to your dog’s skin, stimulating hair follicles and permitting secretion of beneficial oils.

Outstanding Features

  • It has a strong handle 
  • Elegant design
  • Offers a gentle experience
  • Consists of dual raw rust-free teeth
  • It has a maximum grip
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Has a strong handle
  • Its stainless teeth are intended to offer protection to your dog
  • Offers comfort services to your dog
  • It stimulates the secretion of beneficial oils, hence maintaining your dog’s good health.
  • Inconvenient for dogs with less fluffy and finer hair

#4. Best Multipurpose: Maxpower Planet Pet Grooming Brush-Double Sided and Dematting Undercoat Rake

Maxpower Planet Pet Grooming brush has a double-sided head and is designed to undertake various tasks. To groom your dog, begin with the nine teeth comb for stubborn tangles and mats. Then swap the brush and use the opposite side of the blade with seventeen teeth to thin and dash hair.

This undercoat rake has teeth with rounded edges that protect the dog’s skin from damage. It is suitable for breeds with furry skins. It has a convenient nonslip handle and multipurpose tool, making it ideal for dogs with a thick double coat. While using the Maxpower Planet Pet Grooming brush, it massages the skin of your dog, leaving it shiny and healthy.

Outstanding Features

  • Fine but sharpened teeth that are skin-friendly to your dog
  • Effective solution to matted, tangling, and shedding problems
  • Double-sided design
  • Nonslip comfortable handle
  • Ideal for furry dogs
  • Double-sided head for multitasking performance
  • It gives a sleek healthier coat to your dog
  • Suitable for dogs having a short, medium, or long coat
  • It is safe for your dogs as it does not leave them with an irritating skin
  • Easy to clean
  • Rust-free teeth
  • Less convenient for curly-haired dogs

#5. Best Professional: GoPets Demmatting Comb With 2-Sided Professional Grooming Rake

This is the first professional-grade undercoat tool that offers a more relaxing and pleasurable experience. The undercoat rake has sharp, rounded teeth but is safe enough to prevent hair from being pulled. This comb is multipurpose and could be used as a de-shedding rake, angling comb, or a de-matting brush.

Every side of the rake has a unique set of sharp rust-free teeth. This undercoat rake has 12 blades for de-matting and 23 blades for de-shedding. Its teeth edges are rounded and designed to prevent damage to the dog’s skin. This undercoat rake is termed professional because it gives your dog a silky gentle coat. Amazingly, it is modeled to effectively work with dogs ranging from small to large sizes.

Outstanding Features

  • It has a comfortable handle made of Gel
  • Has double-sided blades
  • Serves multipurpose tasks
  • It gives your dog a silk-smooth coat
  • Stainless teeth
  • Modeled for dogs ranging from small to big sizes
  • Its teeth are made of rust-free metal that ensures optimum protection of your dog from any injuries.
  • It is multipurpose
  • Durable
  • Offers professional grooming
  • Easy to use
  • It gives your dog an elegant silk look
  • Some buyers find this undercoat rake to be slightly expensive.

Buying Guide for the Best Undercoat Rake for Short Hair Dogs

There are different choices of undercoat rakes to pick from, and you need to pick the right tool for the task. Hopefully, this buyer’s guide will help you find out the key features to look at. Additionally, this guide will help you differentiate between standard grooming rakes and undercoat rakes for short hair dogs. Also, we will cover essential factors to consider before making your buying decision.

Standard Grooming Rakes Vs. Undercoat Rake for Short Hair Dogs

How can you differentiate between a standard dog grooming rake to a more efficient undercoat rake? Despite their close resemblance, each tool has a distinctive efficiency level. Whereas both standard rakes and undercoat rakes may have a row of teeth that sheds excess hair, a standard rake would only remove a limited amount of loose hair. 

In contrast, a top-quality undercoat rake works to precisely remove the slightest remaining excess loose and dead hair from your dog’s coat. Furthermore, an undercoat rake is perfect if your dog has a long, thick, or dense coat. Undercoat rakes have elegant curved teeth edges, protecting your dog from any injury. Compared to standard rakes, undercoat rakes have a higher performance. So, if you want a happy trimming experience, then try buying one of the best undercoat rakes we’ve highlighted here.

How Do You Pick the Right Undercoat Rake for Your Short Hair Dog?

Be sure to spend a significant amount of time researching the best undercoat rake for your short hair dog. You can find a large section of tools from various brands, so you must understand what you are spending your money on.

Undercoat rakes have plastic or straight steel teeth placed closely to collect and remove loose hair. Surprisingly, their tooth length may vary. To choose the best undercoat rake, consider one whose tooth rake length is shorter to prevent skin damage.

Examine each product carefully. What specifications and features do they have? Is the tool equipped with all of your desired features? Is the tool designed with features that you will never use? 

Grooming a dog
Grooming a dog

Things To Consider Before Purchasing an Undercoat Rake for Your Short Hair Dog

Paying close attention to certain features may help you settle the best decision. Here are several factors to keep in mind before making up your mind on what brand of undercoat rake you are going to buy:

1: Coat Type

Choose a grooming device suited for your dog’s type of coat. Undercoat rakes are preferred for thick, double-coated, and heavy-coated dogs who often shed. It is critical to consider whether your dog sheds a lot or not. Undercoat rakes are preferred to other standard rakes because of their efficiency. 

A quality undercoat rake can lower excessive shedding by approximately 90%. Several short hair dogs tend to shed more often than long hair dogs. Considering the shedding rate can help you know the perfect time for trimming your dog. Also, knowing the perfect time for trimming will help avoid injuring your dog’s skin, maintaining good health.

2. The Design

Dog undercoat rakes with an easy-grip handle are highly recommended because of their comfort while using them. You need to consider the undercoat’s design, including its length, stiffness of the blades, and spacing between the blades, to guarantee optimum comfort for your short hair dog while grooming.

3. Durability and Quality

Durability and quality are other important factors to consider before picking your preferred undercoat rake. The materials that make an ideal undercoat rake for your short hair dog should certainly be of top quality. High-quality materials tend to last for a long period hence durable. 

You should not be surprised to find out that top-quality materials are often slightly expensive than standard products. But it is advantageous as most of these top-quality undercoat rakes often last for several years than regular rakes. They reduce the cost of buying new grooming tools regularly.

4. Grooming Capacity

You should check the number of tasks that the undercoat rake may perform. Fortunately, many important grooming jobs can be accomplished with undercoat rakes. You can achieve far more than cutting off excessive dead loose hair and monitoring shedding based on the quality you pick. 

A high-quality undercoat rake can be multipurpose. Apart from cutting off excess loose hair, a multipurpose undercoat rake can be used to remove tangles and mats. You can also strip with a high-quality undercoat rake. Stripping helps your short hair dog develop a healthier coat. Besides, a good undercoat rake removes loose hair with ease but with little or no discomfort for your pup.

5. Safety

Because an undercoat rake penetrates your dog’s thick coat and reaches your dog’s skin, it is critical to take precautions to protect your pup’s skin from any potential injuries. Always purchase a tool with rounded teeth. Do not hesitate to thoroughly check the presence of any rough edges on the tool before using it.

Finally, keep an eye on the level of pressure you will apply to the tool’s head while using it. Although sharp edges on the teeth of a rake help cut off dead loose hair, you don’t want these edges to scratch against your pup’s skin.

Proper grooming
Proper grooming

Grooming Tips for Your Short Hair Dog

So, let’s assume that you have invested your hard-earned cash on a good-quality undercoat rake. Do you know how to properly groom your short-haired dog? Is there anything you still don’t understand concerning grooming your dog properly? Here are essential grooming tips for your short hair dog once you’ve found the right undercoat rake. 

  • Begin as soon as possible. Begin at a younger age to allow your dog to learn to appreciate grooming. 
  • Leave your pup’s whiskers alone while trimming. During grooming, do not clip or trim your dog’s whiskers at all. Let the undercoat rake cut off only the excessive dead loose hairs. Your dog’s whiskers are extremely sensitive in detecting objects and motion.
  • Pay close attention to zones of whiskers that can be matted. You must exercise extreme caution at this zone while doing the grooming work. Pay special attention to zones such as under your dog’s tail, around his legs, and the stomach.
  • Establish a regular routine for grooming your dog. Short-haired dogs shed quickly, so it is crucial to groom your dog regularly. Regular grooming ensures that your dog gets enough sunlight during the day, improving his overall health.
  • Always use the appropriate undercoat rake. It is essential to groom your dog with the proper tool to prevent your dog from getting injured.

Once you are done with the grooming process, always remember to reward your dog. Show your dog how good it is and make her feel that you care about her wellbeing. Failure to do this might cause your dog might run away the next time you attempt to perform the grooming process.


How much does a professional rake cost?

A good professional undercoat rake may cost approximately 5-10 dollars.

What is the most reliable undercoat rake for short hair dogs?

The most reliable undercoat rake for short hair dogs is the FURminator Grooming rake. It has an ergonomic grip handle for offering comfort while grooming.

Who makes the best quality undercoat rakes for short hair dogs?

Furminator Is ranked among the top-quality brands that manufacture the best quality undercoat rakes. Their products are unique. The finishing material of the Furminator undercoat rakes has an elegant handle that offers comfort to the user.

Wrap Up

Short hair dogs are excellent house pets to raise. Their love for staying around people makes them one in a million breeds that you can wish to have in your home. That’s why you should take good care of your short hair dog by investing in the best undercoat rake for short hair dogs. 

The Furminator Grooming rake is our top recommended pick if you want to maintain a good relationship with your dog. Alternatively, you can opt for the Oster Dog Rake and Shedding Brush. Its design intends to offer minimum hair cut, hence protecting your dog from injury. 

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