Best Indoor Dog Swimming Pool

Dogs love swimming, but only a few public pools will welcome your pup for a swim. It is also a hassle to take your dog for a swim at the local beach or lake on a regular basis. Fortunately, you have a better solution, which is getting your dog his own pool. There are several manufacturers offering swimming pools that are specifically designed for dogs. This makes it easy for dog owners to avail more water-time for their furry friends. However, the challenge is finding the best indoor dog swimming pool from the wide selection available on the market.

Not all swimming pools are made the same. This is why doing a thorough search is of immense importance when shopping for a dog swimming pool. Below are some of the best swimming pools available on the market for small, medium, and large or giant dog breeds. Pick one based on your dogs’ needs, budget, as well as style and personal preference.

BrandProduct NameEditor's PickPriceRating
Rubbermaid Water Tank For DogsBest Overall$$4.5
Intex Mini Frame PoolBest Runner-Up$$4.3
SwimWays Float Pool For DogsBest for Small Dogs$4.3
Intex Pool SetBest for Large Dogs$$$4.0
Jasonwell Foldable Bathing PoolBest for Durability$4.4

Who Needs An Indoor Dog Swimming Pool?

Dog enthusiasts with playful pups should consider investing in the best swimming pool for dogs. If you don’t have a shallow swimming pool in your backyard and live far from lakes and beaches, purchasing a swimming pool for your dog can be beneficial. Just like humans, swimming for dogs provides a great, effective, and low-impact workout.

Swimming is an easy exercise that refreshes your pet’s limbs and joints. They also provide a good rehabilitation method for dogs recovering from surgical procedures. During hot weather climates, swimming is the best way for your pooch to cool off. However, you should always ensure that water in the pool isn’t too cold or excessively warm. Extra cold or hot water can shock your dog or frighten her.

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Top 10 Indoor Dog Swimming Pools

#1: Best Overall: Rubbermaid Water Tank For Dogs

As clarified in the buyer’s guide in later chapters, water tanks also make a good alternative and extra strong swimming pool for dogs, especially if you have several dogs. Water tanks feature seamless construction, which includes molded polyethylene, which ascertains long-lasting durability and excellent performance.

The Rubbermaid Water Tank Swimming Pool comes with a sleek appearance and an oversized drain plug that makes it easy to drain and clean. The stepped sidewalls have reinforced ribbing that provides additional strength and stability. Like other products on the market, the Rubbermaid Water Tank for Dogs is available in multiple sizes. This enables pet lovers to choose one that fits their watering needs.

Another outstanding feature of this pet swimming pool is the water level control feature that makes it easy to control the levels of water in the pool to suit the size of your dog. To facilitate this, it has an anti-siphon float valve.


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  • Weather-resistant
  • Easy drainage
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Water level control


  • Neither folds nor collapses
  • Very expensive

#2: Best Runners-Up: Intex Mini Frame Pool

The Intex Mini Frame Pool is another game-changer as far as getting enjoyable summertime dips for your dog is concerned. Its size makes it the best small pool for small pooches. Consider purchasing this pool if you don’t have a big backyard or extra spacious garden. It is also a good choice for those with budget restrictions, thanks to its affordable price tag.

The pool features a galvanized steel frame that makes it sturdy yet very lightweight. The soft nature of its construction materials provides peace of mind, knowing that your dog can splash into the water without hurting himself. It also comes with foam-padded beams that provide an additional layer of comfort and ease, preventing occasional slips if your dog can’t balance himself inside the water.

The Intex Mini Frame Pool also has a collapsible built. However, the frames that hold it to position are large enough to ensure maximum sturdiness. Those looking for the best pet swimming pool that is sturdy yet doesn’t cost much should definitely consider this product. Like other high-end products, it comes with one repair kit for those who need to fix minor wear and tear that often accompany continuous use.

intex mini

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  • Affordable
  • Small and compact
  • Sturdy
  • Foam padded beams provide more comfort


  • Shallow depth
  • Vulnerable to pet damage

#3: Best For Small Dogs: SwimWays Float Pool For Dogs

If your dog is not water-friendly, you can try introducing the dog to swimming by getting him/her the SwimWays Float Pool for Dogs. This floating pool is ideal for small dog breeds and can support up to 65 lbs. The pool is scratch- and puncture-resistant and features a patented inner spring on the outer edge to increase comfort while in the water.

From its material construction, the SwimWays Float Pool for Dogs is very comfortable and soft to touch for the little breeds to have their quality time in the sun. The center, for instance, has a strong mesh that not only ensures stability but also allows for the consistent floating of the dog. Storage is the only downside since this pool doesn’t float or deflate.


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  • Best for small dogs
  • Paw-friendly
  • Durable
  • Very portable


  • Quite small
  • Storage issues

#4: Best For Large Dogs: Intex Pool Set

If you want a good pet swimming pool that you can join in to swim as well, the Intex Pool Set is a good choice. It is a professional dog pool with a filter pump, reminiscing the exact functionality of human swimming pools. The pool is big enough to accommodate small, medium, and large-sized dogs, and humans as well.

The Intex pool has panel walls made from high-grade PVC that makes it sturdy and durable for use in all weather conditions. It is also scratch-proof and provides a fuss-free swimming experience for your pet. The Intex Pool Set can hold up to 2000 liters, which you can drain with ease.

intex pool

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  • Large pool
  • Easy to drain
  • Has a filter pump


  • Cleaning is tedious due to its size

#5: Best For Durability: Jasonwell Foldable Bathing Pool

Although the Rubbermaid is a weather-resistant water tank, the Jasonwell Foldable Bathing Pool is the best swimming pool for dogs if you’re going to use it on outdoor backyards or gardens. It works well for both small and large dogs. The pool is available in sizes ranging from small to extra-large, making it a good buy for homeowners with multiple dogs.

The pool is portable, thanks to its lightweight nature. This makes it easy to pack into the trunk of your car for camping or use during summer travels. It can also fold into a bundle, making it easy to transport, ship, or store in small spaces. The bottom part of the pool features a slip-resistant mat that is thick enough to make it leak-proof even when used by large dogs.

Jasonwell Foldable Bathing Pool is made from PVC material, which is widely known for extra durability and all-weather resistance properties. Setting up the pool is simple and doesn’t require inflation at all. To ensure that it stays long when stored, it has thick and high-density fiberboards that prevent mustiness.


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  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Easy setup
  • Available in various sizes
  • Portable


  • Not completely indestructible
  • Chewable

#6: Frontpet Foldable Dog Pool

Frontpet dog pool manufacturers have created the impressive Frontpet Foldable Dog Pool to help your dog cool down and have fun during the hot summer days. This impressive foldable dog pool is not the standard, plastic shelf pool you’ll see around most homes – it is built to last. To justify its durability, the pool is constructed from a durable extra-tough PVC material that ensures long-lasting use. PVC materials enable the pool to undergo tough abuse, making it tear-proof and leak proof.

To make the summer weeks more pleasurable for your pet, the pool features a long-lasting foldable design. With its large 50-inches by 12 inches depth, even giant dogs can freely soak in the pool while standing, sitting, or lying down. Being a foldable pool, constructing and packing is easy and very fast. Once the pool is drained and left to dry, you can easily fold it and pack it up. If your dog needs a deep, you simply have to close the drain plug, inflate the pool, and fill it up with water from a running hose to your pet’s preferred depth.

You will also like the pool’s sturdy side panels that allow the middle compartment to fold down for compact storage. Frontpet Foldable Dog Pool is also available in multiple sizes. You can pick the small, large, or extra-large pool depending on the size of your pooch.


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  • Foldable construction
  • Great for dogs of all sizes
  • Stable walls even when full
  • An easy-to-drain plug
  • Slip and puncture-resistant construction


  • Affected by tough surfaces
  • Quite pricey

#7: Alcott Mariner PVC Inflatable Pool

The Alcott Mariner PVC Inflatable Pool is the best inflatable swimming pool for dogs in the list of products reviewed in this guide, for many reasons. Experts often discourage buying inflatable pools, either for your dog or kids, for various reasons. However, this product stands out from the rest on the market. To begin with, its inflatable nature makes it a perfect dogs’ swimming pool for travel, so you can easily carry it to camping or traveling escapades. Though not the best for home use, they can make a good swimming pool of choice for pet owners on the go.

About its dimensions, the pool measures 4 inches in diameter. Despite the seemingly small size, your small and averagely sized dog can fit with ease. It is also made from durable PVC, perhaps ascertaining its durability. Alcott Mariner PVC Inflatable Pool offers low dips, making it easy for all dogs to get in and come out with ease. The round edges also provide additional safety for the dogs.

Draining Alcott Mariner PVC Inflatable Pool is pretty easy. It features a plug that facilitates easy and straightforward draining after use. Since the pool is not completely chew-proof, manufacturers attach one repair/patch kit that comes in handy in case your naughty dog chews it.


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  • Best for dogs of all sizes
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to fill and empty
  • Included repair kit


  • The bottom part is not very sturdy
  • Not chew proof

#8: FurryFriends Folding Dog Pool

The FurryFriends Folding Dog Pool means exactly what its name suggests, and more. This large dog pool is dog-friendly and doesn’t give in to minor scratches and gnawing by playful dogs. What makes most pet owners prefer this pet swimming pool is that it doesn’t require inflation. The foldable panels with an easy pop-up and put-away design make it very portable.

The high-grade material design also makes it durable even when the wildest of dogs plays with it. It is available in medium, large, and extra-large sizes, removing the limitations of dog size from using the pool. The size variations also enable the FurryFriends Folding Dog Pool to provide ideal depth for your dog. Even the largest dogs can submerge themselves entirely. You can as well choose between red and blue colors.

Dogs will likely go crazy with the FurryFriends Folding Dog Pool. Due to its surface construction, this pool is known to make dogs bite at the water and engage in other forms of hysterical play.


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  • No inflation needed
  • Available in several sizes
  • Sturdy build
  • High-grade materials design


  • Quite difficult to drain
  • Pricey

#9: One Dog One-Paw Pool

If you are in the market for a large dog pool, then the One Dog One-Paw Pool should be your product of choice. Though comparatively expensive than other products on our list, this unit is built to last. But despite the quality and durable build, it is extremely lightweight, making it a portable investment that will last you for several years.

Unlike most of the pet swimming pools available on the market, the One Dog One-Paw Pool is not made from vinyl. As you may already know, vinyl is a cheaper construction material and can last a few years. However, you will have undertaken several repairs and patches to survive for a few years. The One Dog One-Paw Pool provides for a long-lasting usage without necessitating regular patches even with rough dogs’ claws.

That said, the pool is made from truck bed liner materials that provide extra sturdiness. That aside, it is also chew- and UV-resistant, so it can be left out in the backyard even during harsh summer sunny days without worries. These materials remain cool even during the hottest days, keeping the water as cool as possible. The unit can store up to 85 gallons of water or more if you need more water for big dogs.

one dog

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  • Strong and sturdy build
  • Chew and UV resistant material
  • Good for large dogs
  • Stays cool in summer


  • Expensive

#10: Petsfit Leak-Proof Portable Dog Pool

The Petsfit Leak-Proof Portable Dog Pool is another best leak-proof and portable swimming pool available on the market. What stands out from this pool’s construction is the heavy-coated wireframe and waterproof nylon fabric construction that ensures that this product offers a great bath time for your dog. The pool is large enough to accommodate one large dog or several small breeds.

The Petsfit Leak-proof pool is made from materials that are highly durable, ascertaining long-lasting use. It has a side-drain that is also easy to use. The unit collapses into a simple bundle once drained, making it easy to carry or store. Manufacturers pride themselves in the structural design of the pool, providing a guarantee that it won’t deform or restrict any movement.

petsfit leak

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  • Leak-proof
  • Very portable
  • Sturdy frame
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to drain


  • Quite expensive

The Buyer’s Guide

Why Buy A Dog Pool?

The first question you should ask yourself before investing in a dog pool is, “Why should I buy a pool for my dog?” Perhaps, it is a fantastic idea if you already know you want a dog pool. However, if you’re on the ledge about it, these reasons may persuade you to take a stand:

  • Health: It is suitable for your dog’s health. Jumping in and out of the pool, splashing around, and swimming in the dog pool are great ways to get your dog some extra exercise.
  • Exercise: Pools are beneficial to dogs suffering from specific ailments. A great non-weight-bearing exercise is swimming. This exercise is good for dogs who can not walk or run for long periods without becoming sore or stiff due to overweight.  
  • Joint Problems: Swimming is also ideal practice for dogs with joint problems. If you have a Lab, it is unlikely that you will find a pool large enough for them to swim in, but owners of smaller dogs will benefit from this.
  • Cooling Down: Sometimes, it is just too hot to do anything but sit in the shade during the summer. Any person who resides in a hot climate understands how miserable it can be for a dog. Pools assist in keeping your dog cool during the hot weather season. On the other hand, getting a doggie pool will keep your pup calm and allow them to spend more time outside.
  • Fun and Enjoyment: Just for kicks, it would be a lot of fun if you had a water-loving dog. Getting a doggie pool for them would be a way of making your dog’s life more enjoyable.

Why Pick A Dog Pool Over A Kiddie Pool?

You may be wondering what the distinction is between a regular kiddie pool and a dog pool.

The main one, of course, is durability. Whereas dog pools are designed to withstand the claws of a 100-pound fur baby without breaking, ripping, or tearing, kiddie pools are designed to withstand small hands and feet.

Another issue to consider is hygiene. If you have a kiddie pool that your children are currently using, allowing your dog to soak in it could introduce lots of dirt and bacteria.

However, if you have an old kiddie pool that nobody uses, and you don’t mind if it gets punctured or otherwise damaged by an overzealous dog, there is no harm in letting your dog splash around in it.

What Should You Look For In A Dog Pool?

If you’ve decided to go ahead and get a dog pool, the next step is to choose the right one from all of the available options. Here are some of the things you should look for in a dog pool to help you narrow it down.

While getting the best pool for your dog can seem like an easy decision, choosing the type of pool is quite challenging. The best swimming pool for dogs should have several key features. Below are some specific things to look for in the best dog pool:

Swimming Pool Design

Dog pools are made of various materials and come in varying shapes with different capacities. However, when making a comparison, three main designs dominate the pool market. Each of these designs has its benefits and drawbacks and are best suited for different situations. Make sure that you select one that suits your dog’s personality.

Inflatable Pools

Are you always on the go? Well, if yes, inflatable dog swimming pools should be your choice. Inflatable pools are the lightest and most portable swimming pools for dogs available on the market. This makes them a great choice for families on the go. Regardless of their size, inflatable pools fold up to become compact and weigh the least when deflated. Due to their soft walls, there are reduced risks of having your dog injured when entering or exiting the pool.

The majority of inflatable dog pools are made from relatively strong plastics, which increases their susceptibility to punctures. More often, even small dogs can penetrate them after some period of use. Most can be patched, but it becomes a tedious task if this happens repeatedly. Inflating the pool with your lungs is another daunting task, so go for an inflatable pool that works with versatile pumps.

Folding Dog Pools

Judging from the name, folding pools are another set of portable and easily stored pools. It also solves some of the issues that inflatable pools have. Instead of plastic materials, folding pools are made from semi-rigid panels that move in and fold inward when empty, enabling users to pack it away with ease. When full, water pressure presses it out, allowing the pool to keep its shape.

Unlike inflatable pools, folding pools don’t require inflation. This makes them relatively easier to set up. Also, because the panels used in its construction are rigid and not air-filled, they are comparably durable and not vulnerable to dogs’ claws. Besides, most folding pools feature drains on their sidewalls that make it easy to empty when the swimming time is up.

Rigid Pools

Are you looking for a solid pool to install in your home? Well, if you don’t like moving and want something to install permanently in your backyard, rigid pools should be your choice. Rigid dog pools are more or less similar to kids’ pools. They are made from strong plastics, making them the most durable dog pools you can find on the market. They will likely stand up to anything brought against them. The extra durability provided by rigid pools makes them a good option for rough and extra playful dogs who can destroy other squeaky toys in minutes.

The durability of rigid pools comes at a price. For instance, they take a lot of time to set up and are difficult to transport and store. Some are also quite heavy, making them a bad choice for elderly dog owners.

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One-Piece Water Tanks

One-piece water tank pools are stock tanks made from metal, rubber, or any other durable material. These pools are all-weather, meaning that they can be placed and used outdoors without worries. Like other pool designs, they come in varying sizes and shapes. Therefore, choose one that suits the specific needs of your dog.

One advantage of these pools, despite the various sizes and shapes, is that they are very versatile. They are a one-size-fits-all type of pool since the tanks come with an adjustable water measuring option. You can fill water to the level you want and the tank will retain that amount.


A large dog that could cause severe damage to a flimsy pool would require you to get a pool that is made of solid material.

Here are some excellent dog pool materials to consider:

  • Polyurethane. This rigid polymer, also known as “truckbed liner material,” can withstand large paws.
  • PVC. Heavy-duty PVC is rigid but flexible, making it ideal for making foldable dog pools.
  • Metal. Metal can be rust-resistant and weatherproof when adequately coated. Some people make do with agricultural stock tanks since there are no metal dog pools available on the market.


Knowing the size of your dog pool is critical if you want to make sure your dog can swim comfortably in it.

It would help if you also considered why you want your dog to use the pool. If you want them to lie in the water to cool off, the pool does not need to be as large. But if you want them to splash around and play, go for bigger, deeper dog pools.

It is a different story if you want your dog to be able to swim in the pool. It is unlikely that a Labrador will be able to swim in a dog pool large enough for him, but smaller dogs may swim in pools designed for larger dogs.

Some dog pools come in a variety of sizes, so you’ll have to pick the right one for your needs.

When in doubt, you should measure your dog from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail and compare it to the size of the pool you want.

Ease Of Entry

One concern is whether or not your dog will be able to enter and leave the pool quickly.

The majority of dog pools will only allow large dogs to step or hop over the side. However, if you possess a small dog or if you choose a pool with a particular high side to allow them easily enter into the pool, you may need to deploy steps or a ramp.

Safety Of The Dog Pool

Do you love your dog? Definitely, you do, so be cautious when purchasing a dog pool. Not all dogs love getting into the water and may not have a great time inside the swimming pool. However, for those dogs with a knack for staying in pools for a refreshing time, your priority concern should be their safety.

You should train your dogs on how to swim safely in a pool. However, if you have a portable pool that is some inches deep and fits at most two dogs, you can use a different approach to ensure maximum safety.  That said, below are some tips on how to safely use your dogs’ swimming pool.

#1: Choose The Right Dog Pool

In the best way possible, go for a doggie pool made from an almost indestructible material. Most of the available pet swimming pools are made of extra durable PVC and lined with fabric materials to improve comfort. If you have more to spend, get a pool with a one-piece design to eliminate the risks of the pool bursting at its seams and injuring your dog.

Pools made from heavy-duty plastics are also quite tough. For every reason, the type of pool to choose should be puncture-, chew-, and scratch-resistant. Another aspect to consider when choosing the right pool is its size. This is of much importance, especially if you haven’t taught your dog how to swim. Always avoid purchasing a pool that is too deep for your pooch.

#2: Train Your Dog

Before even looking at the various dog pool safety tips, invest considerable time and effort in training your dog on obedience. Your dog pool may be shallow, but the dog should understand and obey commands such as “come out” for a safe time in the pool. Some terms such as “stay,” “lie down,” or “sit” may not apply in the pool, but can be helpful in terms of safety. Train your dog to follow these commands for assured safety, even in a shallow pool.

#3: Don’t Leave Your Dog Out Of Sight

You could have trained your dog to follow commands or know how to swim, but you shouldn’t leave him alone in the pool for long. Accidents do happen, especially when least expected. Therefore, always watch over your pooch while swimming.

#4: Get To Know Pet CPR

As weird as it sounds, learning how to perform dog CPR is important, especially if you want to have a swimming pool for your dog at home. The pool may be shallow, but your dog can get overexcited and even drown. The dog may aspirate water into the lungs causing respiratory problems, which require CPR. If such happens, you should jump in immediately to save your pet.

How To Choose The Best Indoor Dog Swimming Pool

Whereas you might think that your pooch will jump instantly to the new pool, not every dog likes water. If your dog appears hesitant to jump in, don’t pressure them. Consider using some extra treats and rewards for getting closer to the water. For instance, if your dog loves playing with toys, toss some waterproof toys into the pool and coax them into going after them. Another good method is sitting in the pool yourself and encouraging the dog to join you.

You should always take extra caution when using dogs’ swimming pools, especially if you have small dogs. Note that most dogs are not used to waters, and if they have to swim, it should be under your supervision. You should also consider covering the pool or draining it when the weather outside is not favorable for swimming.

Try to maintain the highest level of hygiene in the pool to avoid bacteria build-up, which may predispose to illnesses during warm months of the year. Inspect the pool water after every few days and change it if it starts becoming smelly or starts experiencing growth.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself

Ask yourself the following questions to help you narrow down your options.

How Often Will My Dog Be Using It?

Such a question may assist you in determining how much to spend and how long it would take for the pool to be completed. If you intend for your dog to use it every day, at least during the warmer months of the year, you would want something extremely durable that will not fade out after continuous use over a period.

If your dog uses the pool frequently, a galvanized metal pool or even a hard-shell polyurethane is your best bet.

However, if you only intend to use it a few times a year, a less expensive PVC model will suffice. You will also be able to fold it up and store it when it is not in use.

Is It For Swimming Or Just Cooling Off?

The type of pool for your dog to swim in it will differ from pools for splashing around or cooling off. It would be difficult to find a pool large enough for a large dog to swim in; however, smaller dogs may swim in pools designed for large breeds.

You could consider installing a custom in-ground pool for your dog to swim in. Otherwise, if your dog wants to swim correctly, you may have to resign yourself to taking your dog to the nearest safe water body.

What’s My Budget?

Dog pools can be purchased for as little as $20 or $30 and as much as $300 or more. If you want a top-of-the-line item, you will have to spend more money, as with most things nowadays.

Even the most inexpensive dog pools are pretty durable. While the more expensive collections will give you more bang for your buck, you should not break the bank to get a cuter option.

Before you begin looking, set a budget and try to stick to it. Perhaps, your dog deserves the best, but you do not want to go bankrupt over a pool!

Will I Need A Ramp?

As stated previously, some dogs may require steps or a ramp to enter the pool. Check the specifications to determine the height and determine whether your dog is large enough to get in and out quickly.

If you require steps or a ramp, you must include the cost in your budget, especially if your dog is elderly or has mobility issues. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Can I Always Be Around To Supervise?

As much as you want to buy a pool for your dog, before buying one, consider whether you will be able to supervise your dog while they are in the water. Just like it is not a good idea to leave your child unsupervised, it is neither a good idea to leave your dog unsupervised in a pool. It is especially true if the water is deep enough for your dog to swim in, but there are risks even in shallow water.

The Bottom Line

When searching for the best swimming pool for dogs, ensure that you find a rough and durably-constructed pool. It should also have a no-fuss setup for easy installation. As you may be familiar, dogs can be quite playful and will damage flimsy pools within no time. Therefore, go for puncture-proof, rip-resistant, and extra-strong dog swimming pools.

If you initially had challenges finding the best pool, we hope that the guide above will make your work easier. Purchase one of the above-reviewed best swimming pools for dogs depending on your dogs’ needs as well as your budget. Also, if you think we might have missed one of the best swimming pools for dogs available on the market, don’t hesitate to inform us in the comments section below.


1: Why Should I Buy A Swimming Pool For Dogs?

Whereas you can let your dog share the same swimming pool with your kids, it may not fit this purpose perfectly. Kid pools are designed to support a child’s weight, and dogs can easily break them. For this reason, you should consider investing in a swimming pool for dogs, especially if you have water-loving dog breeds like Labradors.

However, if you have a full-sized swimming pool and don’t mind sharing with your pet, you might not need a dog pool. But remember that dogs leave some pet hair in the pool, so avoid sharing if you don’t want your pool to be filled with pet hair or if you’re allergic to pet hair.

2: How Do I Introduce My Dog To The Pool?

Some dogs will immediately enthusiastically jump into the pool when presented with the pet swimming pool. However, if your pet is quite skittish with the pool, you may need to train your dog to get accustomed to the dog pool. To do this, install the pool in your backyard first and allow your pooch to inspect and get familiar with it. You should also keep encouraging your pet to go close to the pool.

For other dogs, you will have to stay by the pool and call your dog. If he comes into the pool, praise him, and reward him if possible. Rubber toys can also come in handy. Place them inside the pool and play with them, encouraging your dog to go fetch it. Doing this and reinforcing positive behavior will ultimately get your dog to love the pool.

3: Should I Have A Ramp For The Pool Dog?

Ramps are more like ladders that help in climbing heights. The decision as to whether you need a ramp or not depends on the size of the pool. If the pool is large and deep, you should consider purchasing a ramp to enable your dog to get in and out of the pool. Shallow pools of less than 8-inches do not necessarily need a ramp as the dog can jump over the edges.

4: How Can I Stop My Dog From Scratching The Pool?

All pools come with strict warning encouraging pet owners to trim their dog’s nails before allowing them to get into the pool. Therefore, the first strategy is to trim your dog’s nails. If you have done so, you can gradually discourage them from scratching the pool floor and panels. Reward your dog with treats to foster this behavior.

5: Is It Bad If My Dog Drinks Pool Water?

It can be bad for your dog to drink pool water depending on the kind of water in the pool. If you use fresh tap water in the pool, it is not bad for a dog to drink it. However, the pool water will definitely become dirtier the more your pet stays inside. Similarly, if you are using soap and toys, it is obviously bad for the dog to drink.

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