Best No Jump Dog Harness for Effective Training

While a dog that jumps on people or counters may seem like a friendly pooch, the habit can be irritating to some people. With the help of a no jump dog harness, you can break this habit in your dog without too much struggle. Just like humans, jumping on people to catch the scent of their faces is your dog’s way of saying “hello” to them or other canniness. Sometimes, dogs also tend to jump on their owners to grab their attention. The problem can be very endearing if it’s exhibited by medium to large-sized dogs compared to when displayed by puppies.

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PetSafe Easy Walk Dog HarnessNylonCheck Current Price On Amazon
No Jump Dog Harness, Downtown Pet SupplyPolyester BlendCheck Current Price On Amazon
Chai’s Choice Best Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness Nylon, MeshCheck Current Price On Amazon
EXPAWLORER Best No-Pull Dog Harness OxfordCheck Current Price On Amazon
Scott Pet Jump RestraintNylonCheck Current Price On Amazon

Who Needs A No Jump Dog Harness?

When a dog is excited or overly enthusiastic, he is likely to be jumpy. But, if a dog develops a sickening habit of jumping on you or your guests all the time, then you truly need to find a solution to this problem. So, if you own a medium to large-sized pooch that seems to be too jumpy, you need to find a no-jump dog harness to solve this problem before it escalates into an annoying habit as your dog grows. With time, your dog will remember not to jump on people or other dogs whenever he is on a no jump dog harness.

There are different effective ways of helping break this habit in your dog, such as ignoring him until he calms down. However, while that might be an effective training technique that can help quell the jumping habit in your dog at home, it might not be possible to control the dog when he encounters other people out there away from home. 

The excitement and feeling of meeting new people or other dogs may be too overwhelming to him, and he’ll suddenly start jumping again. That is why a dog owner with a jumpy dog should consider investing in a no jump dog harness. In this detailed review of the top five no jump dog harnesses, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the workings of these types of dog harnesses and how to get yourself the best product.

Top Five No Jump Dog Harnesses

Here are some of the best no jump dog harnesses to consider:

1. Best Overall: PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

This is a great dog harness to help control your best friend when you go out for a walk and prevent him from jumping on people and children. Quite a number of past customers of this product have praised it for being an easy and effective dog harness for walking their dogs while keeping a minimal profile. This is mainly because the harness has a high level of adjustment which helps a lot in ensuring that the dog is as comfortable as possible. 

Furthermore, it’s a great alternative for dogs that don’t like wearing dog harnesses that tend to cover a lot of their body. In addition, there is a wide range of colors and sizes of this dog harness to suit every dog owner’s tastes and preferences.

Key Features 

  • Made from Nylon
  • Suitable for small to medium-sized dogs
  • Available in different colors
  • 1 year chew damage replacement
  • Comfortable fit
  • It’s vet- and trainer-recommended
  • Four adjustment points that provide for maximum comfort
  • Reliable fit
  • Discourages dogs from pulling on the leash
  • Easy to put on and off due to the quick-snap buckles on shoulder and belly straps
  • Ideal for training dogs to walk on a leash
  • Not suitable for all dog breeds

2. Best Runner-Up: No Jump Dog Harness, Downtown Pet Supply

Downtown Pet Supply is a reputable brand in the world of manufacturing durable pet accessories that you can rely on. This is a great device for gently training a jumpy dog to quell the jumping habit. The no jump dog harness will help you train your dog not to jump on people while out walking him at the park. This dog harness is very light, so your dog will be comfortable wearing it for long hours as you train him or go for those morning walks with your best friend. 

The no jump dog harness will always stop your dog from jumping gently compared to some of the no jump dog harnesses on the market. The harness creates a firm yet gentle resistance on the dog’s chest, altering the impulse to jump. The no jump dog harness is very comfortable for 30-70 pounds dogs.

Key Features

  • Black in color
  • Dog size 30-70-pound
  • Weighs 0.18 pounds
  • Measures 6 x 2 x 5 inches 
  • Gently stops a dog from jumping
  • Reputable brand
  • Lightweight
  • Gently corrects the dog’s impulse to jump
  • Not comfortable to let your dog sleep with the harness on

3. Best Ergonomic Design: Chai’s Choice Best Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness 

This dog harness will nicely help your dog quit the jumpy habit. It gently eliminates the pressure your dog experiences in the neck region when wearing other types of dog harnesses. That prevents possible spine, neck, and windpipe injuries. The 3M reflective dog harness has adjustable nylon straps and is thus good for dog owners who are looking for sufficient visibility and control, especially when training your dog in poorly lit environments such as the basement. 

All you need to do is undo the buckle clips, and the harness will easily loosen up with a simple click. The dog harness comes with two leash attachment points that allow users to customize the way they want to control their pets.

Key Features 

  • Bright orange in color
  • Made from Nylon 
  • Durable construction 
  • Two leash attachment points
  • Solid pattern 
  • Measures 10 x 9 x 2 inches
  • Weighs 0.50 pounds
  • 3M reflective for enhanced visibility
  • Easy to use Ergonomic design
  • Sleek and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Prolonged usage can cause joint problems in your dog.

4. Best for Soft Sponge Padding: EXPAWLORER Best No-Pull Dog Harness 

This is a great dog harness that is available in three stylish colors and five sizes. The harness has an easy-to-close and open buckle that’ll make the process of putting it on and taking it off the back of your dog so easy and easy. Compared to some of the no-pull or no jump dog harnesses on the market today, this is a very stylish and durable dog harness that will always look great on your dog for several years.

Furthermore, the harness has a sponge padding in the belly and chest that is soft enough to prevent causing injuries on your dog’s skin while training. The harness has a very strong handle for easy seat belt attachment while in the car and a 3M reflective designed to enhance visibility at night.

The dog harness’ large loading capacity allows you to enjoy high tensile strength that improves comfort even for large dogs. With the two leash attachment points on the dog’s harness, you’ll have additional options to consider when strapping your pooch to ensure the point you choose is comfortable for both of you. In addition, the harness has a soft mesh and padding, making it a well-ventilated apparatus that is comfortable for the wearer.

Key Features 

  • Measures‎ 9.4 x 9.1 x 2.4 inches
  • Weighs 1.35 Pounds
  • Two leash attachment points
  • Lightweight draflex buckle
  • Stylish and durable design
  • A 3M reflective designed for enhanced visibility
  • Lightweight construction that is more comfortable
  • Cab hurt your dog when he sleeps wearing it. Don’t do that!

5. Best Full Body Harness: Scott Pet Jump Restraint

The no jump dog harness only restricts your dog from jumping, but he can comfortably stand on his hind legs. This is a great jump restraint dog harness that can help you train your dog to stop jumping on people, fences, or other canines effectively. With this no jump dog harness, you’ll easily turn your troublesome dog into a trouble-free best friend. You won’t have to worry about torn upholstery on your sofas and armchairs because your dog will stop jumping on furniture anymore.

By restricting the dog’s hind legs every time he is wearing the no jump dog harness, he’ll get used to staying on all his fours to the ground and ultimately quit the jumping habit. Since the black nylon harness is made from nylon, you cannot be guaranteed that your dog won’t be tempted to chew it. Because the harness restricts the dog’s movement, it’s not advisable to leave the dog alone when wearing the apparatus.

Key Features 

  • Weighs 0.7 Pounds
  • Black in color
  • Dog size 20-80 lbs.
  • Made from Nylon
  • Measures 7 x 3 x 1 inches
  • Effectively prevents the dog from jumping
  • Prevents dogs from ruining your upholstery
  • Can easily turn your troubling dog into a trouble-free best friend
  • Reasonably affordable
  • A naughty dog can chew the harness.

Buying Guide for a No Jump Dog Harness

A no-jump dog harness is designed to circle a dog’s trunk on the top above the dog’s front legs. Once you attach a leash on the top of this circle, you’ll be able to prevent your dog from jumping unnecessarily with this adjustable apparatus. The dog’s rear legs will not flex freely, and thus the dog won’t be as jumpy as it could have been without the no jump dog harness strapping. Basically, the no jump dog harness makes leaping off the ground or jumping difficult for the dog, not impossible.

While your dog will be inhibited from jumping, it’s important to note that he’ll still walk around comfortably. In other words, the harness works by restricting your dog from leaping yet being able to move on the ground without any difficulty. You don’t ‘have to worry about any dragging whenever you go for a morning walk with the harness on because the front legs will be free.

Benefits of a No Jump Harness

A large dog that is used to jumping on people is a potential danger to children and elderly or sick people. Interestingly, many dog breeds are intelligent enough to know the repercussions of jumping while wearing a no jump dog harness and will, therefore, not try jumping when wearing one. When training your dog to stop jumping by using a no jump dog harness, you should be keen enough to remember to reward him accordingly when he doesn’t jump on people. 

In other words, do everything to encourage your dog to keep his fours on the ground all the time, and that includes rewarding him. Consider giving your dog an alternate behavior rather than jumping whenever he comes across people and seems excited. Always make sure that your dog is comfortable enough to sit pretty on the haunches even when wearing the harness, because that is how to best train your dog the alternate behaviors.

Choosing the Right Type of No Jump Dog Harness

Sometimes, finding the best no jump dog harness can be a daunting task, especially for first-time dog owners. No jump dog harnesses are relatively new in the world of pets, and newer brands keep emerging almost daily. Therefore, choosing the right brand and model type can indeed be confusing. Here are some of the critical considerations and features to check out when shopping for your next no jump dog harness.

1. Features

An anti-jumping or no jump dog harness restricts the dog’s natural movement, particularly the ability to leap freely. That means that the no jump dog harness you buy should effectively pull your dog’s hind legs and tighten his chest so that he doesn’t have enough balance. You should know the right features to opt for depending on the size of your dog. Good dog harnesses are adjustable so that a user can easily adjust the apparatus at different points to make the dog as comfortable as possible when wearing the harness. 

However, finding a no jump dog harness for very small dogs that weigh10 lbs. or too large dogs that weigh over 80 lbs. can be challenging. Even while your dog is wearing the no jump dog harness, he should be able to walk, lie down, sit and trot without too much difficulty. Ensure that the features of the no jump dog harness you invest in allow you to adjust the device with ease so you can quickly help your dog move freely whenever necessary.

Dog on a no jump harness
Dog on a no jump harness

2. Training Considerations

Most dogs will not like the no jump dog harness the first few times you try it out because the device will somewhat inhibit their freedom of movement. But, with the right dog training techniques and consistency, you’ll eventually get it right and start helping your best friend break the habit of jumping on people. 

Even though the no jump dog harness shouldn’t be relied on as a substitute for basic dog training, you can use the devices as effective training aids. Moreover, since the harness somehow restricts your dog’s ability to move around or run at full gallop, you shouldn’t leave the harness on a dog for long periods. 

Due to the frequent pressure and incessant friction, the no jump dog harness is likely to hurt your dog, especially on the rear legs if left on the dog for a long. These are critical considerations that you need to keep in mind when shopping for the best no jump dog harness that’ll give you good value for your money.

Prevent Jumping from the Onset

For many dogs, jumping on people is a submissive greeting trait. That is why you would see puppies licking the muzzles of their older counterparts. Therefore, any time a jumpy dog is given a reward or even fed after jumping on people, he becomes encouraged, and breaking the habit can be difficult. Remember, this is a bad, dangerous habit that shouldn’t be encouraged as cute in any dog breed.

One way of discouraging the dog from jumping on you or your guests is to avoid greeting him until he calms down on all his paws. Turn around and ignore the dog if he tries to jump on you again. Sometimes, dogs tend to take things off kitchen counters, also referred to as “counter-surfing.” Stopping this habit can be challenging if your dog loves yummy foods. 

If this is the dog jumping problem you’re facing, try restricting the dog from accessing the kitchen in your absence and keeping yummy foods inside closed kitchen cabinets, not on the counters. All these efforts will help you discourage your dog from jumping even as you invest in a reliable no jump dog harness.


Does a no jump dog harness work effectively?

A no jump dog harness is designed to limit the movement of the dog’s rear legs to prevent jumping. It’s important to note that while a no jump dog harness prevents the dog from jumping, that doesn’t mean that a large dog won’t jump at all. The idea is to make the jumping uncomfortable for the dog so that it can be discouraged from trying to jump in the first place. 

Over time, if you keep discouraging your dog from jumping, you’ll eventually achieve the goal of breaking the habit altogether. This is not a permanent remedy for stopping dogs from jumping over fences or on people as a way of greeting them, but rather a training technique/apparatus that helps discourage the habit.

Can pulling a leash hurt my dog’s neck?

Conventional neck collars have the potential to hurt a dog’s neck and thus shouldn’t be constantly used to restrain a dog for long hours. A traditional leash can cause serious stress and strain your dog’s neck. A dog can easily be choked when pulling on a leash. Therefore, walking your dog using a no-clip dog harness is much safer for your dog if he likes pulling.

Why do some dogs run away from the harness?

A majority of dog breeds love their freedom and will never want to be restrained. Being a homebody, the dog won’t want you cut short his freedom and will develop a new habit of running away or even hiding when he learns that you’re about to bring the harness or about to take him out for a walk. 

Don’t be surprised if your dog starts hating the morning walks that he previously loved so much due to the inclusion of the harness. That is why you must choose a harness that’ll be as comfortable as possible on your dog, even if it means limiting his ability to pull or jump.

For how long should my dog wear the harness?

While some dog owners leave their dogs with the harness for prolonged periods, others are against this practice. Regardless of how comfortable the dog harness fits on your best furry friend, it’s not advisable to let him wear the harness all night, especially when in his crate. 

This is mainly because the harness will gradually start irritating the dog’s skin, which will cause him to scratch and injure himself a lot. If you’re not prepping the dog for a walk or some training session and probably want to leave him alone, then it’s prudent to take off the no jump dog harness.

Wrap Up 

In general, a majority of dog breeds have a behavioral trait of jumping on people as a way of greeting them. However, that habit can be dangerous to children and scary to most people, especially if they were not expecting it from a large dog. So, with the right model of no jump dog harness, you’ll rest assured that people will always be comfortable around your dog. If you have any other ideas for great no jump dog harnesses or have any questions, feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below.

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