Best Airline Approved Dog Carrier Bags

As a dog lover who likes traveling, you want your dog to experience every thrill that comes with traveling rather than leaving her behind. If you often fly with your pet, then you might want to take a look at our reviews of the best airline-approved dog carrier bags or passes.

Who Needs This Product?

If you would like to cuddle your dog while going on a trip, or want her also to enjoy the thrills of going out or perhaps need a comfortable means of carrying her to visit your vet, then you can use one of these dog carriers. Besides, they are all airline approved, so you won’t have to leave your pet behind when taking a flight to any destination.

Reviews of Top 10 Airline Approved Dog Carrier Bags

1. Henkelion Airline Approved Pet Carrier (Best Overall)

The Hekelion Airline Approved Pet Carrier is first on our list because you can easily carry it by hand, on your shoulder strap, or in a suitcase. It has been designed to make your traveling relaxed due to its portability, and you can machine-wash the cozy and fleecy bed.

Quick Features 

  • This pet carrier design is airline-approved.
  • It has three mesh entrances for good breathing.
  • Comes with a side pocket where you can store travel accessories.
  • It comes with a padded shoulder strap which makes for easy carrying.
  • The cozy mat comprises three layers—a foam layer, a woolen mat, and a wooden board.
  • There is a zipper to keep your dog safe.
What We Like
  • It has a sturdy design and would not easily get damaged.
  • It offers you great value for your money.
  • It is comfortable for you and your dog.
  • You can easily wash the pet carrier in a machine.
What We Don’t Like
  • You may perceive the smell of the pet carrier manufacturing material after purchase.

2. Sherpa Travel Original Deluxe Airline Approved Pet Carrier (Best Airline Approved Pet Carrier)

Sherpa Travel Original Deluxe Airline Approved Pet Carrier may be the perfect Carrier for your dog if you want great space. Your dog can turn easily and enjoy several play activities. This Carrier is large enough for two dogs, provided that they do not exceed the weight limit.

Quick Features 

  • It has wide mesh windows for easy breathing and ventilation.
  • Zippers are on the side entry and top for your dog’s safety.
  • It is an airline-approved pet carrier for large dogs and follows the under-seat requirement.
  • Its design is sturdy.
What We Like
  • You can easily pet your dog without the need to open the Carrier fully.
  • You get great value for your money because of its durable design.
  • It is foldable, and the handle carry straps reach the Carrier’s base.
  • They come in different colors allowing you to select the one that best suits your dog.
  • This Carrier comes with a lot of privacy options that you can adjust to fit you.
  • You can easily wash or replace the Sherpa liner.
What We Don’t Like
  • It has a strong manufacture’s product smell.
  • The handle strap does not extend throughout the whole Carrier, which may be uncomfortable.
  • The Carrier may not fit horizontally under the seat but vertically.

3. OMORC Pet Carrier (Best for Expandable Spaces)

OMORC Pet Carrier features an expandable dual-side that offers your dog more room to stretch and turn around or use the top opening to look around during your trip. 

It provides the best travel comfort for you as it features durable materials that give cushion against mechanical injury. 

Quick Features

  • It comes with an expandable two-opposite side.
  • It has a bottom rivel which improves load-bearing.
  • The inner pads consist of foam which gives optimum stability and comfort.
  • The microfiber frame support gives it sturdy standing.
What We Like
  • The dual-side inner pad that comes with this Carrier is detachable, giving you the ability to clean/wash and return it with ease.
  • You can easily fold the Carrier without destroying its micro-frame support.
  • You may use the pocket to store pet foods and other accessories as you proceed in your journey.
  • You can carry it in many ways, either using your shoulder, hand or putting it on your luggage.
  • It is an excellent carrier for night journeys as it comes with reflective tapes on either side, which increases night visibility.
What We Don’t Like
  • For car travelers, it may not easily fit into the seat belt.
  • The frame may not be rigid enough for some heavy dogs.

4. Morpilot Pet Travel Carrier Bag (Best for Any Trip)

The Morpilot Pet Travel Carrier Bag is designed to give your dog the best protection and comfort as you journey to your destination. You can use it in your car, on a plane, or carry it while walking to visit your veterinarian. 

Quick Features

  • It comes with a shoulder strap that you can adjust and carry without using your hand.
  • There are two connecting handles, which aid easy balance during transportation.
  • The Carrier has a side opening for easy entry and exit of your dog.
  • The zippers are durable and are easily opened and close without any damage.
  • It comes with a breathable mesh opening in three directions that allow proper ventilation and helps your dog look at the surroundings.
  • It comes with a foldable bowl gift.
What We Like
  • Your dog will enjoy stable and solid support because of the removable, sturdy base that comes with this Carrier.
  • You can easily wash the soft fleece rug by hand.
  • It is convenient to carry because of its lightweight.
  • Your dog is kept safe on the lamb velvet cushion accompanying the Carrier.
  • It is made from sturdy grade polyester, which offers great value for your money.
  • It has a wide array of use, either as shoulder bags, tote bags, or an adjustable strap.
What We Don’t Like
  • This Carrier may be too big and may not fit regular car seats.
  • The wire may not provide adequate support for the bag.
  • The pad may be too flat.

5. X-ZONE Pet Airline Approved Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carriers (Best Cushioning Material)

The X-ZONE Pet Airline Approved Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carriers give your pet that cozy feeling because of its excellent travel bed and anti-scratch breathable mesh. The mesh provides an easy flow of ventilation and a quick look-out for your pet. 

Quick Features 

  • This Carrier comes with comfortable mats consisting of foam cushioning, a washable fleece mat, and a firm board base.
  • The durable tether and auto-lock zipper sliders will prevent your pet from escaping.
  • Tear as a result of your pet’s claw is prevented by its sturdy fabric and mesh.
  • The belt loop on the side can serve as a luggage strap/seat belt for easy transport.
What We Like
  • This Carrier balances well because of its thicker bottom plate, which prevents collapse as a result of your pet’s mechanical action.
  • You can hand-wash the fleece mat.
  • It is a perfect fit for an airplane journey because you can place it seamlessly under the airplane seat.
  • It has a relatively lower price when compared with products in the same category.
What We Don’t Like
  • It may have a disgusting smell when new.
  • The metal rod that keeps it in place may keep coming out of its Velcro position.

6. Akinerri Airline Approved Pet Carriers (Best for Big Dogs)

The Akinerri Airline Approved Pet Carriers are a great option if you are looking for good stability and large bearing capacity. Its mesh provides airflow and an easy peek for your dog. The use of durable Oxford fabric prevents claw tears.

Quick Features 

  • The travel bed is made of cozy fleece material.
  • The Carrier’s side features a bed loop used for dual-purpose—luggage strap and seat belt.
  • There is a pocket on the side where you can store any treats, food, or other traveling accessories.
  • The leather handle makes it easy for hand carrying.
What We Like
  • The Carrier comes with several carrying options: using your hand, shoulder, or strapping on your luggage.
  • It can easily be folded down for storage.
  • Its two main entrances provide for easy entry and exit for your pet.
  • It is not burdensome to carry since it is made of light materials.
  • It is easy to hand-wash the covering of the bottom piece.
What We Don’t Like
  • There is no Velcro piece to hold the hands together.
  • The zippers may not be great as your smart pet can get out of the Carrier.

7. OKMEE Soft Pet Carrier (Best for Fashion)

One advantage that the OKMEE Soft Pet Carrier has over others is its anti-slip zipper. Your pet will not be able to unzip from inside, and you can have the peace of mind that she will not escape. You can even use the pet information card on the side of the Carrier to allow more people to know about your pet.

Quick Features 

  • This Carrier comes with a storage bag where you can place any document or device.
  • It has multiple mesh openings for easy breathing and peeking.
  • The space is large, and your dog can seamlessly move about it.
  • There is rubber at the bottom of this Carrier which prevents slippery and stops direct contact with the ground.
What We Like
  • The Carrier offers a comfortable cushion for your dog because the inside is made of durable and soft wool.
  • It has been designed to have a 2/3 hiding area for your pet to reduce nervousness.
  • It is one of the most fashionable dog carriers on our list, with an excellent color combination for your thrills.
  • It can be carried without much stress because of its lightweight.
  • The removable map is stiff and does not allow the Carrier to squish up when carrying it.
What We Don’t Like
  • It may be stressful to put your dog inside the Carrier because the door folds when you open it.
  • You may need to zip up the sides if you want the Carrier to stand well.

8. Pecute Pet Carrier Backpack (Best lightweight Carrier)

The Pecute Pet Carrier Backpack is a sturdy carrier with an expandable design, increasing space by up to 90%, thereby giving more room for roaming. Unlike other carriers, it has been uniquely designed to have 4 mesh spaces, which allow proper breathing and ventilation. 

Quick Features 

  • It comes with multiple entrances and exits for your dog.
  • There are pockets and other spaces on the Carrier which you can use to keep materials and documents.
  • It is foldable for easy storage and will only take up a little space in your home.
  • There are 2 vented acrylic hole plates on either side for the transmission of light.
What We Like
  • It is lightweight and can seamlessly be carried about.
  • It comes with adjustable buckles and shoulder straps which you can alter to fit your carrying desire.
  • The zippers are sturdy and prevent your dog from escaping.
  • Unlike some similar product, this Carrier does not give an irritating or choking smell.
  • You can connect the safety belt to your dog’s collar to prevent unforeseen or accidental falls.
What We Don’t Like
  • You can only clean this Carrier by scrubbing as it is not machine-washable.
  • The metal rods need better protective covering as they can stick out due to continuous use.

9. PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack (Best support for Waist and Chest)

The PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier allows you to travel with safety and ease. Your pet can quickly be identified by the name tag at the back of the Carrier. There is a side zipper, which you can open to effortlessly reach your dog, especially if you want to feed her. 

Quick Features 

  • This Carrier comes with functional storage pockets: the front zipper pocket and 2 elastic side pockets.
  • The waist and chest straps enhance support while traveling.
  • There are few mesh openings to allow ventilation.
  • It comes with a collapsible pet bowl.
What We Like
  • The Carrier is sturdy, with a well-structured design, which prevents a collapse of the bag on your dog.
  • The bed is Sherpa-lined and is comfortable for your dog to sleep.
  • The two sides make easy access points for the entry and exit of your dog.
  • The safety buckle keeps your pet secure and prevents easy escape.
  • The shoulder pad is enforced with thick paddings to ensure comfort during long trips.
  • The Carrier is constructed using durable 600D high polyester grade.
What We Don’t Like
  • The pad at the bottom of the Carrier may be too narrow.
  • The leash on the Carrier is too long, and you cannot adjust it.
  • The zipper may easily come off.

10. Petisfam Pet Carrier (Best with Security Leash)

The Petisfam Pet Carrier has a simple and sturdy design that allows your dog to stay comfortably within the large space and soft padded bottom. Your dog can have various angles of view through the use of the sides and top mesh. The mesh also allows quick breathing and proper ventilation.

Quick Features

  • It comes with a security leash and anti-escape zippers.
  • The detachable and adjustable straps make it easy to carry.
  • It is light to carry.
What We Like
  • The bottom is sturdy and won’t easily collapse.
  • It is made from non-toxic SGS tested material.
  • It is foldable and suitable for proper storage.
  • You can clean the fleece bed by washing it in the machine.
What We Don’t Like
  • The bottom piece of this Carrier may not fit well for your dog’s comfort.
  • You cannot remove the inner leash since it is permanently attached.

The Buyer’s Guide for Best Airline Approved Dog Carrier Bags

Traveling with your 30lb or less dog should not be an arduous task as there are various extra-large dog carriers you can use. It may be difficult for you to select the right type of these carriers, but you will be doing a lot of good for yourself and your dog by considering certain features of the carriers and the type of trip you are embarking on.

Why You Need an Airline Approved Dog Carrier Bag

You should know that leaving your dog in a crate while you are on a journey is not the best option, especially if you’ll be staying for a long period. But issues may arise if you do not know how you can perfectly transport your pet along with you, especially in an airplane. It may further be worrisome if your dog weighs heavier than you may think; this is one of the reasons why you may need an extra-large dog carrier. Here are other reasons you need an airline approved dog carriers:

1: Unforeseen Sickness

You can’t tell the exact time that your dog will become ill, and taking her to your vet may pose a significant risk, especially if something needs to be done fast about her health. A dog carrier will allow you to transport her effortlessly. Imagine the agony and stress you would have to pass through if you were to carry her by hands. Even if you hope to put her in the car, where exactly do you think you will place her comfortably?

2: Easy Travel

Dog carriers allow fast and easy traveling, especially if you want to cuddle your pet wherever you go. However, you should know that there are specifications regarding many of these carriers. Some are airline-approved, and some are ideal for use in your cars. Others are like a backpack, making them great if you are going on a recreational outing.

3: Shelter and Security

As you journey, there are instances where you will need to do some tasks quickly. You might need to leave your dog in the hotel room, at the picnic space, or in any other place you might find yourself in. In such a situation, a dog carrier wouldn’t only provide the needed shelter for your dog but will also act like a dog crate, keeping her safe till you come.

4: Convenience

Dog carriers are the most convenient way to transport your pet. These carriers give you the necessary portability without restricting your personal space for movement. You should know that some of these carriers may differ in their functionality as well. 

For instance, the PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack is more suited for carrying on the back, especially if you are a lover of sightseeing. You would also want your pet to observe the goodness of nature, walking several miles within a park or city metropolis. The Sherpa Travel Original Deluxe Airline Approved Pet Carrier is great if you will be traveling by airplane.

5: Comfort and Coziness

A dog carrier allows your pet to be more comfortable while traveling, especially if there is a slight harshness in the weather condition, such as the winter cold or the summer heat. 

What You Need to Consider When Selecting Airline Approved Dog Carriers

It is essential to know the type of Carrier that fits your need and not buy an option that may not be useful to you or your dog. Getting a suitable carrier depends on so many factors, but here are some things you may need to consider before you go ahead and buy that dog carrier for your next flight.

Your Dog’s Size

Any carrier you select for your dog needs to be large and sturdy enough to accommodate their weight, height, width, and length. They should be able to stretch and turn around it comfortably.

The Carrier Style

Your personal preferences may dictate the style of the Carrier you want to select. However, you should also note that you may need to consider the type of transportation means you want to use. If you are traveling by airplane, you may also need to know your airline’s restrictions for the Carrier before you go ahead and make your bookings. 

There are three main types of carriers you can get. The hard-side carriers are the most durable options because they offer more protection for your dogs and are very easy to clean. Wearable carriers are good for keeping your dog closer to you, and they allow freehand movement, especially while walking. Some people prefer the soft-side carriers because of their lighter weight and easy storage. Many of these soft-side options are airline-approved pet carriers for most dog breeds, and they perfectly fit under the airplane seat.

Product Quality

Irrespective of the Carrier style that fits your dog, you must buy one that will last long, whether it is a hard-side or soft-side Carrier. You may also need to check for the warranty period as this will give you a hint on how long the product can last.  

Another thing is that you may need to go with popular brands in the market. Although there is no monopoly with pet carrier brands, going with known brands assures you to a large extent of getting a great value for your money.


You should have no problem transporting your pet if the Carrier is suitable. You should be able to move about with your dog seamlessly, whether you are going on a train, moving in a car, or flying an airplane.

Ease of Use

Always ensure that any dog carrier you are getting will not be difficult for your pet to get inside or outside. Any difficulty may pose discomfort on your part and your dog. Go for a big enough Carrier to accommodate easy entry, exit, and movement of your dog.


You may consider your option for either a machine-washable carrier or a hand-washable one. Hard-side options do not give you unnecessary stress as you only need to wipe off the dirt. Other soft-side carriers that are not machine-washable come with detachable pads that you can quickly clean by hands.

Storage Compartments

Nearly all types of pet carriers have a storage compartment. The backpack carriers particularly have more compartments than other carriers. These compartments/pockets are suitable for keeping waste bags, dog foods, water bottles, and some other things.

Where to Getting Your Airline Approved Dog Carrier

There are pet stores near you where you can find many of these best wearable dog carriers for air travel. If moving about is not your thing, you can always order from online stores like Amazon and others, which will even give you a great deal on your money.


We have provided answers to some of the frequently asked questions about airline approved pet carriers:

How Can I Acclimatise My Dog to the Carrier?

Before you embark on any journey, we recommend that you use the Carrier like a dog bed for few days. Make sure your dog uses the Carrier as a pseudo-home and spends ample time in it.

Is it Compulsory that My Dog is Able to Stand Up in the Carrier?

The Carrier should be comfortable enough to allow easy turn-around movements of your dog. It is normal if your dog can’t fully stand up, but the most important thing is that she is comfortable in it.

Can I Use the Carrier on Roller Luggage?

Although you may not be able to place all carriers on roller luggage, several carrier manufacturers usually provide a Carrier luggage function. Ensure you check the specifications of your Carrier before purchasing so that you will be able to know if you can use it on the luggage.

Wrapping Up

Having gone through this guide, you might have realized that having a dog carrier will always serve your need at any point in time. Our listed options are pretty great and will provide the best comfort for you and your pet whenever you travel. The most important thing is to choose a carrier that is airline-approved and offers your pet the desired comfort, not anxiety.

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