Are Shiba Inus Good With Kids?

The Shiba Inu is a fascinating breed; their foxlike appearance has always made them endearing to individuals. The fascination with this animal has made individuals consider taking them home. While this does not seem like a big deal for those who live alone, you may have cause to worry if you have kids. Shiba Inus are not popular for being domesticated in a house with kids, so it begs the question—are Shiba Inus good with kids?

In this article, you will find out the answer to that question and a little bit more about Shiba Inus. Read on as we go on this journey. 

Are Shiba Inus Friendly Around Kids?

Shiba Inus are quite spectacular; their personalities vary, so we cannot say they are all friendly around kids. Some are better with kids when compared to others. The “friendliness” of a Shiba Inu with kids is totally dependent on whether the dog has been properly trained for such a scenario or whether they have spent time around children. 

The importance of socialization cannot be overemphasized. Naturally, a dog that stayed all his life with children will certainly do better with a/a/*them than a dog thrust with kids when they are mature. It is always better to introduce your Shiba Inu to your kids when the dog is still a puppy; that way, the kid is not strange to the dog when the dog is older. 

Shiba Inu in the wild
Shiba Inu in the wild

Shiba Inus are pretty intelligent. They learn pretty quickly; spending time with your kids from a tender age helps them understand how better to relate with them as they grow older. 

Apart from introducing the Shiba Inus to your kid at the puppy stage, the personality and age of your kid also play essential roles. Shiba Inus dislike loud noises and harassment, so the relationship between canine and child will be better if your kids are respectful and quiet. 

It is imperative to teach your kids how to behave around the Shiba. Some kids tend to think dogs are living, breathing toys, and this can be an issue. When the child knows how best to treat the Shiba, then the chemistry between canine and child will be flawless. 

Do Shibas Get Along With Older Kids?

As mentioned earlier, the age of a kid determines how the dog reacts to them. Older kids know more than their younger counterparts; they can evaluate the dog’s mood, which helps them relate better with the animal.

Shibas are quite energetic dogs and may be considered erratic by some. However, they can be trained to fit into domestication and a family environment. It is imperative to train Shibas when they are still young, and if you have an older kid, they can get involved with the training; this way, the dog obeys and respects them better. 

Do Shibas Get Along With Young Children?

As opposed to older kids, the discerning skills of young kids may not be well-developed enough to ascertain the mood of the Shiba, and this may be a problem. As mentioned earlier, young kids may try to play with the Shiba Inu’s toys, poke them, and pull their tails. Shiba Inus do not tolerate such acts and may become aggressive—and nobody wants that. 

However, this does not mean that Shibas and young children cannot co-exist, but extra care has to be taken, unlike when they are with older kids. A parent must always be around their kid when a Shiba is present; this helps avoid uncertainties. Shibas are not aggressive, and they can unleash rage when they get harassed.

Parents must ensure young children are told what to do and what not to do around Shibas. The kids must not throw things at the dogs, take away their food (even as a joke), pull on their tail, interrupt their sleep, or engage in any form of playful harassment. 

A Shiba Puppy
A Shiba Puppy

Are Shibas Too Dangerous To Have Around Kids?

Although we’ve mentioned how kids and Shibas can co-exist, worries may still linger, including allergic reactions due to substantial shedding. Generally, Shibas are not dangerous to kids, but you must look out for certain demeanors. The energy of Shibas is off the charts, and they are quite territorial. These character traits in Shibas can lead to uncertainties, especially when they feel threatened. 

For instance, if a kid playfully tries to take away the dog’s favorite toy, some Shibas may not react to this. Still, others may respond by a heavy growl or biting on the toy aggressively to keep it from leaving their possession. Whatever way the dog reacts may be unsettling to a kid who is innocently trying to have fun, so precautions must be taken, especially when you have younger kids. 

Shiba Inus And Toddlers

While Shiba Inus can exist with older kids and younger kids (with adult supervision), it is not recommended to leave them around toddlers and babies. Shiba Inus will certainly not be aggressive without reason. 

Still, suppose the toddler does something that makes the dog react aggressively, the outcome could be unsettling. In that case, toddlers and babies will not be capable enough to run for safety. So if you have a baby or toddler and are considering a Shiba Inu, you may want to wait a little longer. 

Training Your Shiba Inu For Kids

The importance of training in enhancing the relationship between a Shiba and a kid can never be overemphasized. However, getting a Shiba trained for kids is no walk in the park, but you can achieve this with perseverance. 

Shibas are quite stubborn, so positive reinforcement training must be used. There’s a need for consistency in helping the dog develop the training instructions as habits rather than one-offs. 

Training to give Shibas for kids includes:

  • Reducing toy and food aggression
  • Giving them bite inhibition
  • Training them not to leap incessantly and unnecessarily.

Additionally, ensure you get the Shiba familiar with kids when they are puppies; make them meet as many kids as you can. Ensure they meet enough people, too; it makes them comfortable around people and kids over time. 


Overall, Shiba Inus are energetic dogs, but they can get along with kids and other pets when they have been properly trained. Ensure your Shiba Inu is trained to socialize with kids from the puppy stage. Hopefully, any questions you had about the relationship between kids and Shiba Inus have been answered by this article. 

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  1. I disagree that they will not be aggressive without reason. My family member has a Shiba Inu (untrained) and has bit around 10 people when they are just sitting or standing still
    My 3 year old wasn’t facing the dog, being loud or touching its toys or food. She was just standing in front of the coffee table and the dog attacked her from behind. An adult was standing right next to her but the dog was quick.


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